High School on the Screen – Always a Crowd Favorite

From watching the interactions between the sports star and his cheerleader girlfriend, to the lonely outcasts and their dark crowd, television and movie viewers seem to go nuts for series and movies featuring high school. Though usually full of generalities and unrealistic portrayal of the adolescent experience, there are those who strike on a cord of truth. For the rest, they provide a looking glass into a world we all know, but perhaps experienced differently. The big screen or our HD TV becomes a looking glass backwards, to our youth, our adolescence, a time that if it was good, was probably so good, and if it was bad, it was probably so bad. Whatever way high school was for viewers, television and movie series focusing on it draw big crowds for reasons mixed between glad nostalgia and wishes to rewrite history.

Best Vampire Movies on Satellite TV

The recent success of teen vampire flick Twilight at the box office, has put those blood sucking creatures of the night back into the spotlight. Ever since Bram Stoker’s Dracula, we have been fascinated with these preternatural and oh so fatal characters. They lure us in with their immortality, their apparent youth, their beauty and their sexy brooding. Catch these top vampire movies on satellite TV, and don’t forget the HD, all of this bloodletting demands the clarity and purity that only high definition can bring.

The Father-Son Relationship in Psych, the TV Show

The father-son dynamic is very central to the Psych TV show. Henry Spencer and Shawn Spencer carry the dramatic weight of this whole show. This is the cleaver function of the flashbacks of Shawn’s childhood at the beginning of most episodes.

Beverly Hills 90210 TV Show’s Effect on Girls

Is the effect of Beverly Hills 90210 TV show good or bad? Almost all little girls grow up and dream of becoming a princess in a castle and find their prince on a white horse. The usually grow up thinking that the prince will take care of everything.

What is Joaquin Phoenix Up To?

We all know Joaquin Phoenix is a great film actor, his rapping career however, well let’s just say the only reason you would go to his concert is to see him, not his rapping. When we first saw him on stage rapping, we thought “oh he’s just having some fun, doing something different”. But when he came out saying he was “quitting acting” to pursue his rap career, we thought he must be joking and this is crazy.

The Birth of Film Noir – Double Indemnity

Director Billy Wilder ushered in a new era in films with the first geniune film noir classic Double Indemnity. This movie created the genre known for dark lighting, cigarette smoke, seedy villains choosing crime over honest wages. This American style was created by an Austrian immigrant and has often been copied worldwide.

Sleepwalking Through the Mekong

Sleepwalking Through the Mekong is a documentary like no other you will see. Director John Pirozzi gives the viewer a unique combination of an American rock band’s music and modern Cambodian culture.

Watchmen Needs to Be a Success

This Friday I look forward to seeing “Watchmen”. There haven’t been many great movies so far this year, and I’m hoping this will be one of the year’s best. It has the CGI and great comic storyline to be right up there with Dark Knight. But will it be a let down? The critics in newspapers and media are cutting the film down, saying it is all wrapped in “misogyny” and won’t live up to the hype. Some fans of the comic that saw early previews loved it, others not so much. After watching trailers since last fall, I agree, there is definitely a lot of hype to live up to.

Sick of Sequels and Remakes

It seems like all we see in the movie industry is sequels and remakes. If that is not the case then it was a book or comic strip. Are there no original ideas left in this world? Saw 5, High School Musical 3? Rocky Balboa (6th one in the series). When do you draw the line or cut em off? It seems as long as the sequels keep making money, the producers will keep at it. I know it’s no big news that movies are all about money in Hollywood. But we as movie goers need to stop supporting this drive.

A Front Row Ticket to the Game

If there’s one reason to invest in good quality television, it’s the opportunity to watch some of the world’s best sports events live. Sports channels air interesting events from around the world, and now more than ever sports fans are choosing to stay at home to watch the game. Recent research has found that the emotion of exciting matches is not lost on those who watch from home.

The Boondock Saints Debacle Explained

The Boondock Saints was one of the greatest cult classics of the last century. From the very beginning it had been plagued with setbacks and complications that eventually led to the film being released straight to DVD. The film has been arguably the most successful cult film, winning over millions of fans and becoming highly popular in a sense that it managed to become part of an almost mainstream type of pop culture for many teenagers and remains so to this day.

300 Sequel on the Way

You thought a 300 sequel was impossible, right? All the 300 Spartans are dead beside the story teller, how can they live to fight another day?