Are You in the Motherhood? Which Character Are You?

The new show “In the Motherhood” follows different types of moms in their daily lives. These extreme characters encounter extreme situations – and it is hilarious. The best part is that all these stories were adapted from real stories from real moms that were submitted to the show. So which type of mom are you?

Gossips – The Aspect of Bollywood That is More Popular Than Films

Bollywood is recognized as the biggest film industry of the world. There is no doubt in this, that this big film industry has given a number of interesting successful films to the movie lovers. This film industry is in India, but you can see the craze about the movies of the Bollywood in other nations also.

Missed Out on New Releases?

Are you a movie buff, religiously waiting for every new release? Are you tired of scouting around from one place to another, trying to be the fist one to get hold of the DVD of the latest release?

Do UK Soaps Subconsciously Promote a Booze Culture?

There have been many successful TV soaps in the UK including Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and a vast array of others but are UK soaps subconsciously promoting a booze culture amongst the young of the UK? Eastenders The vast majority of scenes in Eastenders are centred round the Queen Vic public house which has seen weddings, deaths, scandal and intrigue. It seems as though everybody in Eastenders has at some point entered the pub no matter what age they are.

Which Character in Eastenders Would You Be?

Award-winning BBC soap Eastenders has a vast array of characters which many people relate to, despise, love and hate. But if you could choose just one character out of the show to reflect your own personality who would it be? Dot Cotton Dot Cotton has been in the show from many years although the vast majority of her storylines have been depressing, slightly alarming and in some cases life-threatening.

Is Eastenders As Depressing As Some People May Have You Believe?

While there is no doubt that the award-winning BBC soap Eastenders is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, why is it so depressing? The vast majority of successful TV shows have been upbeat, funny and full of life but all we ever hear about with Eastenders is depressing storylines, deaths and bad news. However, when you consider the life of Eastenders we have seen some funny storylines, weddings, good news and some very entertaining plots but it would appear that we only remember the depressing and sad episodes.

Tab Hunter – Hollywood Golden Era Icon

One of the biggest screen idols of the 1950s and a singer whose number one chart hits occurred at the same time as his box office success, Tab Hunter superstar seemed to have it all before he was twenty five years old. Progressing from a stable boy on weekends and watching movies when he could afford the price of a ticket, at the age of nineteen Art Gelien was discovered by a Hollywood agent who transformed him into Tab Hunter and stardom awaited just around the corner.

DVD Rental Service – Simple and Convenient

Today, with the fast progressing technology, people are now open to a lot of options. Instead of going all the way to the local DVD rental shops, they can now simply place their order in the several online DVD rental services.

Discovering the World of Foreign Films on Satellite TV

From Pedro Almodovar to Roberto Benigni, some of the world’s best film directors hail from exotic places and give Hollywood fans a chance to discover the world through their eyes. Each year the Academy Awards honors a select number of films from around the world in the ‘Best Foreign Film’ category, however, there are countless numbers of movies that shouldn’t be missed by viewers who are intrigued by other cultures and languages, and tired of the usual Hollywood formulaic blockbusters.

Music Television – What Happened?

Music television as a genre has been popular since the very early 1980s, when pioneer network MTV broadcast The Buggles music video ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, followed up by Pat Benetar’s ‘You Better Run’. MTV was once the forerunner of music television and pop culture, discovering and promoting the best new artists, catchiest songs, and most innovative music videos, as well as attracting unbelievably hip VJs (remember J.J. Jackson?) to introduce trend-hungry viewers to everything from new wave to heavy metal to hip hop.

Complete Your Satellite TV Service With an HD DVR

There is everything to be loved about having a satellite TV connection, as the benefits to be had with such a connection make any other kind of service-like cable TV-pale by comparison. From a truly reliable service to more high def programming, there are enough benefits to go around, and then some. The thing is that there are just so many great things on to watch at any given moment, and therefore it becomes necessary to employ a little help from a good friend of the television, the DVR-and ideally, an HD DVR.

Reality on Bravo – Check it Out on Satellite TV

Bravo, a channel which you can duly enjoy with a satellite TV subscription, is a power house of reality TV shows. The network banks on the clash of cameras, competition and voyeurism. Yet, the shows on Bravo are not your typical all out sort of reality shows. It’s not the Real World, it’s not Fear Factor. Bravo aims to offer high quality; high definition programming that is a cut above the rest. The audience is more sophisticated; these are the types who walk around with iPhones and hobo bags and spend their evenings with Cosmos or Hagen Daaz in front of their shiny new HD TV sets. Of course, with this crowd, you have to cater to their sense of smarts and savvy. Thus you’ve got shows that are little more creative and designer. Bravo is the current auteur de jour of reality TV. Here is a sampling of what you can watch.