Megan Fox – A Brief History And Her Career

Amazingly a big number of celebrities belong to very poor background with a very low income levels. Megan Fox has to go through the same but she is the famous artist and model of the new era. We have seen her in different roles. She is an actress and model who have fascinated the world with her amazing beauty and sizzling personality.

How To Watch TV on the Computer

Bored from watching YouTube videos? Not enough content to kill your time watching the shows you like?

Naruto as an Anime

Naruto is an anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto centered around a loud, hyperactive, young ninja who is in a constant search for both approval and recognition, and with a great aspiration to become Hokage. First published as a manga series in Japan by Shueisha in the 43rd issue of Shonen Jump magazine in November 1999, the Naruto series has risen in popularity exponentially and has since been licensed in the USA (becoming VIZ Media’s top selling title) and nearly two dozen other countries, with the anime series currently airing in 18 countries.

Alpha Dog – A Great Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

You probably haven’t heard of this movie but it’s a must see. You will be very surprised how good this movie is.

Movie Studios Really Screwed Up With The Baby Boomer Market

Ever since I wrote the post 10 movies to Recommend to your teens from before they were born, I have been thinking about the scarcity of movies made for the teen audience before the mid 1970s. Baby Boomers are considered to be people born between the years 1946-1964. So by the mid 70s half of all baby boomers were no longer teenagers and by the time that the 80s teen movies started to appear, nearly all baby boomers were adults.

Tintin Movie Rumour Latest Link – Thomas Sangster To Play Tintin

There have been several names liked to the role Tintin in the new Tintin moive trilogy to be directed by Spielberg and Jackson. The English teenager Thomas Sangster is the latest young star to be believed to be given the role.

A Path to Fame

Some people desire to become famous. It is their lifelong dream to become well known and a ‘celebrity.’ Here is one young man’s path to stardom….

Review Of Stargate Atlantis – Season One

Stargate Atlantis is the second spin off from the original Stargate film. Each season has about 22 episodes and the series is currently in its four season and going strong. Its predecessor, Stargate SG1 ran for 10 seasons , so there is reason to suggest that the series in based on a strong format. Many Sci fi makers would do well to learn from how the makers of the Stargate series have crafted their product , for this series is a little master piece.

Zee TV Drama Serial – Bano Mein Teri Dulhann – Critical View

This is the Love Story and Fate of a Poor Village Girl – in a New Twist. Almost identical faces, cannot remember each other due to re-incarnation.

Thought-Provoking, Environmental Films from Earth Cinema Circle

While Hollywood has started to show interest in films covering environmental issues such as An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour, many small budget, independent green films are having a much more difficult time reaching their audience. Until now, unless you were lucky enough to catch these films at a festival screening you are left with very few remaining options. This has all changed thanks to Earth Cinema Circle.

India Gives Full Release of First Pakistani Film in 40 Years

India defied a four-decade ban on screening Pakistani films last week when it showed Khuda Kay Liye at a star-studded premiere in Mumbai. The film has become one of the most successful Pakistani films ever and is the debut movie from TV and music producer Shoaib Mansoor, also known as ShoMan.

States Offering Millions in Interest Free Loans to Film Producers & Their Investors?

New Mexico’s film loan program, and a very similar program just launched in Michigan, represent a new era in investment and job creation. As states seek clean industries to bring to their communities they are creating aggressively competitive solutions for entrepreneurs and the investors that fund them.