Go Back to Your Youth With a Tom and Jerry DVD

Are you a fan of the Tom and Jerry tales? If the answer is yes then you wouldn’t be the only one, millions of enthusiasts of this classic cat and mouse duo come from all over the globe, India, Vietnam, China, Sweden, Norway the list is endless.

The Vampire Diaries – From Book to Screen

First of all i have to say that I’ve read most of the books and I kind of liked it. Okay, I’ll admit. The first time hearing about this series I thought…no not another vampire show…but I tuned in anyways. Just to see what the hype was about.

The Triumvirate American Idol Power

This is just a look back the best artists that American Idol has produced. This show has been through so hard criticisms for fabricating artists. I don’t want to take sides but I just want to give credit to the artists who came out of the show strong. Beyond that, they were able to make a name for themselves because of the hard work they put into their craft and not just because of their stint in the Idol.

Songs – Interpretation in Chinese Films

Besides the preference of the space lens, songs-interpretation appeared frequently which is also a prominent feature in Chinese films. Until the 21st century, a number of movies followed this tradition which seems to embody the effect of the beyond-words expression.

The Characters of Glee – Part 1

Glee has quickly become a television phenomenon with its controversial story lines, upbeat song and dance numbers and of course, its stellar cast. Take a look at some of the compelling main characters that make Glee such a success.

Rent Online Movies and Save Big Money

You can save a lot of money when you rent online movies. The old days of going to a video rental store are now being phased out for many reasons. The biggest reason is that it can be very expensive.

Shrek Forever After

The theory is that Shrek Forever After is to be the last movie starring everyone’s favourite green ogre voiced by Mike Myers. The title sounds pretty finale, but then again there are five movies called Final Destination, so you know. Still, whether or not this is the end, the fact is that this is a pretty good chapter in the life of Shrek and company.

Analog to Digital TV Converter Box

It has been more than a year since some of the older model televisions stopped picking up regular transmissions. The digital transition happened in February of 2009. This means that all television stations stopped broadcasting in analog and switched to digital. If you still have an analog television, you can still use it, however to use it you just have to go to through a couple more steps.

8 Reasons Paris Hilton is a Genius

Paris is widely regarded as the spoiled brat of millionaire parents who does nothing but party and shop. However, what the public should realize is that Paris has the world dancing on her command. She is in complete control of her life and every move she makes is geared towards creating a brand around herself. From this brand, she produces and successfully sells products, businesses, events and other ventures. She is a real genius with remarkable brilliance.

Top 10 Sci Fi Films

Science fiction was once seen as the pulp trash of the movie world; B movies and the like providing cheap celluloid fodder for teenagers. Years later and Sci Fi has become a respected genre with many critically lauded films. We look at some of the best.

Formula For a Successful Thai Soap Opera

Soap operas in Thailand are extremely popular television shows. Also known in Thailand as Lakorn, these mindless shows have absolutely no redeeming social values.

Impartial DVD Reviews Are a Must

Whether you’re an avid film fan, a casual movie goer or if you’re more into your television dramas, you’ve probably purchased a DVD at some stage of your life. Some people like to buy DVDs of their favourite actors, follow the careers of their favourite directors, or just to buy films from their favourite genres. However, when you buy a DVD there’s nothing worse than being disappointed with your purchase.