Important and Sundry Top 10 Lists

Diverse and miscellaneous top 10 lists have always interested all of us since childhood. Lists are means of organising our thoughts, of cataloging our preferences and our dislikes and above all of sharing our classification with others.

An Education – Carey Mulligan’s Breakout Movie

A beautifully written romantic coming of age tale set in Britain in the 1960’s. Jennie’s boring school girl existence is turned on its head by a charming older man. You won’t see what’s coming in this well crafted film and you will remember your own first love and how it changed your life and heart.

Important Guidelines in Creating Films

Your actors will the one to tell that the script is interesting. The actor is your asset on your film, they play an important role. Spend more time setting up schedule for shooting; make a schedule that suits to everyone and an extra schedule for unexpected things like bad weather or reshooting. Rushing in editing films would develop mistakes and it would make you tired and bored. Take feedback as good comments; it will help you learn your mistakes.

Lessons on Relocating From the Movie “Avatar”

After watching the movie Avatar, I realized that this was the ultimate relocation experience – both physically and mentally. So, I thought it would be interesting to analyze the film from this perspective.

The Short Autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Have you seen the “Terminator” movie? If you did, you must known Arnold. Yes Arnold Schwarzenegger, a very famous actor in Hollywood. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, was a famous actor in Hollywood, he leads a lot of good movies, from action up to comedies. Like his father, Arnold was great in sport, and builds his ambition to become a body builder.

Blu Ray Movies in 3D – Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

For a while now, consumers have been able to enjoy amazing, crystal clear resolution and incredibly crisp sound when watching their favorite movies or playing their favorite video games. This fantastic viewing experience can be attributed to Blue-ray disc technology, offering up to 48 megabits per second of viewing perfection, combined with the availability of High Definition Television (HDTV) sets.

Braveheart – Who Was William Wallace of Scotland?

We all have watched the movie Braveheart and often when I tell someone who hails from another country that I am from Scotland they will say that they loved the film Braveheart. Anyway, who actually was William Wallace – a Mel Gibson type of character from the movie, or something rather different? In the years preceding 1297 William Wallace’s name does not appear on any records.

The Blind Side – Sandra Bullock Shines

An extraordinary movie about the depth of the human heart and The compassion we as humans can, at times, show one another. Mix in football and you have a movie that will please everyone. You will be drawn into its charm and you won’t want it to end. The interesting part about the movie is it is based on a true story. Art imitating life.

US TV – Too Good For Hollywood

US TV is an institution in an odd state. It has surpassed its firmly established cousin, Hollywood. This situation is unique. In no other country, at no other time, has television ever reigned supreme.

Dish Network Woes – Customer Care

Dish network customers are always game for sound customer care services. Satellite TV providers realize this and have pulled up this department to suit the market temperament of dish TV customers. Customer care helps you with any problems, with the satellite TV receiver or dish antenna. Check this article for more.

Abortion in Hollywood

Abortion is a controversial subject, and it is interesting to look at how it is, or is not, portrayed in cinema. It is usually avoided altogether in Hollywood movies but European films are much more wiling to cover this difficult subject.

LDS Art and Media

Many people think that LDS cinema started with the film “God’s Army”; however the LDS church has been producing films since the 1940s. These films might never have been released in conventional theaters, but film has been an important part of LDS culture for many years.