Analyzing the Online Training Platform With the “Undercover Boss”

A new Reality TV Series “Undercover Boss” has taken America by storm as viewers watch these top Executives join the front line jobs and get a taste for how the company is really ran. Presidents and CEO’s of large businesses like Churchill Down, White Castle and 7 Eleven, discover a more efficient way of ensuring employees are all on the same page, online training.

Television Technology – It’s Getting Better All the Time

In the beginning, television sets were “big pieces of furniture with shockingly small screens.” In fact, the earliest TV sets, dating back to the late 1940s, provided viewers (and there were very few of them) with screens that measured as little as 10 inches diagonally, perhaps slightly larger.

For the Young Actors, Auditioning is Fun!

OK, the key to survival as a young actor is summed up in one little three letter word: FUN. According to acting school Los Angeles instructor, students have to enjoy going to acting classes, going to auditions and driving around town meeting people.

Three Reasons Why 3D Television is Catching On

Thanks to “Avatar,” James Cameron’s blockbuster movie for 2009, the attention of geeks, early adopters and industry watchers alike are all turned to the issue of whether or not 3D television is going to catch on. If the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show held recently in New York is any indication, it seems like 3D TVs may replace even HD TV sets in the near future.

‘Get Carter’ Film Review

Get Carter is the 1971 film starring Michael Caine. Caine plays a hardened London gangster who goes up north to the city of Newcastle to investigate the strange death of his brother. Supposedly his brother died in an accident, but Carter has other ideas.

The Many Faces of DeNiro and Pacino on Satellite TV

If you’re home on a Saturday night and not quite sure what to spend your time watching, chances are flipping on the television set will yield you a variety of options, and at least two of them will involve Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino. As one of the best actors of our time, DeNiro has managed to hold down some of the most important films in recent history.

3D Television – The Consumer Electronic Industry’s New World Order Revealed?

An article in the gadgets and gears section of the Ars Technica website written shortly after the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in New York predicted that we are all going to own a 3D television set a few years from now whether we want to or not. According to the author, the simple reason behind this forecast is the fact that television manufacturers have already said so.

The Emmy’s – The Best Comedy Television in High Definition Perfection

It’s coming up on that same time of year again when the nominees are chosen for the 2010 Emmy Awards. Taking a look at last year’s stellar nominees, it’s difficult to imagine who will make this list this time around. It’s often these awards that inform the county about what the best shows on television are, if they didn’t already know.

Does 3-D Signal the End For Hollywood Actors?

Patrick Goldstein from the Los Angeles Times seems to think it is a possibility. He is right, in my opinion, but only in the very short term. While 3-D is very popular right now it will become standard for certain types of movies and won’t really be thought of as anything spectacular in the future. The public is essentially just one big kid with a very short attention span and right now that attention is on 3-D but soon the adults in us will want to see adult movies.

Reliving the Standoffs in Terrific Drama Films on Satellite TV

If you want a taste of drama, you need a struggle. Two or more opposing forces try to gain the advantage in any great drama from Shakespeare to David Mamet.

Reality Television – How Real is It?

There are so many reality television shows on the air that it just makes my head spin. Everything from Big Brother to Bridezillas, we are captivated by the shenanigans of the individuals viewed on television.

The Best Band Flicks on Satellite TV – The Musicians

No saga is better than that of the musician, of a band’s rise to fame. Except for a few cases (the bands that are developed by corporations, i.e. boy bands), the majority of musicians usually work their way up from the streets to success, relying on their talents at writing both music and lyrics to carry them to celebrity status and fame.