Transylvania International Film Festival 2011, Cluj-Nappoca

In the heart of Transylvania, land of Dracula, is the city of Cluj-Napoca host of the Transylvania International Film Festival also known as TIFF. The festival is often confused with the Toronto festival because they share the same acronym. But if you just refer to Europe then there is no mistake in the middle.

Gene Tierney: Laura Film Review (1944)

his is a deliciously dark film from the golden era of Hollywood film Noir, the 1940s. What is a film Noir movie? Usually it is a crime drama emphasizing sexual motivations or cynicism.

‘Tron: Legacy’ Movie Review

An article that discusses critic and user opinions of Tron: Legacy. An Introduction to the plot of the movie is also provided.

Everything Must Go

Hollywood has a rich history of well-known comic actors taking on more serious and weighty roles, from Robin Williams to Ben Stiller to Jim Carrey, and now Will Ferrell, in what is probably his very best performance to date. Everything Must Go bears a strong resemblance to Stiller’s work in Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg (2010), or Adam Sandler’s in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love (2002), in its portrayal of a flawed but basically good-hearted man going through difficult times and coming out better for it. The difference between Ferrell and Sandler, of course, is that Ferrell’s comedies generally don’t suck; let’s hope his next dramatic role lives up to the promise he shows here, lest he go the way of Sandler’s maudlin turn in the absolutely awful Reign Over Me (2007).

Show Me Love

This gentle, insightful and wonderfully realistic comedy-drama from Sweden gets my vote for best film you’ve probably never heard of. Amidst a constant stream of banal, exploitative and unconvincing teen movies, Lukas Moodysson’s Show Me Love stands out as a testament to the truth of living through that difficult age between twelve and nineteen, especially when one is perceived to be “different” for whatever reason. As the great Roger Ebert said of this beautiful, understated masterpiece, “this film loves teenagers; most teen movies just use them.” I rarely quote another critic, but this is so astute, I couldn’t resist.

Paranormal Reality Shows

Recently, within the last season or so, Comedy Central’s show South Park featured a ‘guest appearance’ by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. These are the two creative minds behind SyFy’s smash hit reality show, Ghost Hunters. While the show managed to portray them as scared, and a bit illogical during their investigation (and I believe kept hinting at the show as the most-boring show on), South Park unofficially did one other thing far more important.

The King’s Speech

Despite taking the top awards at the 2011 Oscar Ceremony, or perhaps because of that, I was in no hurry to see director Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech, although I had thoroughly enjoyed his previous film The Damned United written by Peter Morgan and starring Michael Sheen as the renowned bombastic soccer manager Brian Clough. For some reason I had supposed that it would be a typically turgid period piece but after watching the Blu-ray release I was pleasantly surprised to find it terribly gripping and incredibly well written and performed by a marvellous ensemble cast. Colin…

Do You Need to Go to Film School to Have a Career in the Film Industry?

Getting a job in the film industry is hard. Going to film school is expensive. Do you have to go to film school to get a job in the film industry? This article explains whether it is necessary.

5 Reasons We Love “Some Like It Hot”

The quintessential gender-bender movie of all time; the trend-setter which tickles your funny bone with incessant gender goof ups and sexual innuendos. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis slipping into the skin of Daphne and Geraldine respectively.

X-Men: First Class Proves the Doubters Wrong?

Although there’s currently an embargo on official reviews for the X-Men: First Class film, word of mouth is that this latest mutant flick easily surpasses all four of the previous X-Men films in terms of quality. Considering how loathed the project was by fans when it was announced, to now have critics such as television host Jonathan Ross call First Class ‘the best X-Men movie ever’ is quite a huge achievement for the Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) directed prequel.

Silent Night, Deadly Night Movie Review

Young Billy Chapman is told by his senile grandfather that Santa Claus not only rewards the good children, but also punishes the bad. Later that night, Billy witnesses the brutal murder of his parents at the hands of a thief dressed as Santa. Years later, he is still traumatized by the events but it goes untreated under the ruthless care of Mother Superior. After getting a job at a local toy store, he is appointed the new Santa Claus job.

Joan Crawford – A Real Movie Star

Joan Crawford is a Hollywood legend. As long as her films remain available to be seen by the public, Joan Crawford will remain unforgettable to movie lovers around the world. Her immense talent is only surpassed by the longevity (1925-1970) of her appeal.