Two Reasons Why You Need a High Definition DVR

TV has gotten more interesting since high definition content has made its way onto our screens. The programming may be just as boring as it was during standard definition but it certainly looks better. And instead of using standard video recording devices we find ourselves needing high definition digital video recorders.

There is One Word That Describes Reality TV – “Yuk!”

I can’t pinpoint when it all began, but I can tell you what I think about “Reality TV”… I hate it, despise it, dislike it intensely, hope it will go away soon… and then stay away. I know that many “reality” shows have large and loyal audiences. What I don’t know is… why?

Channel Surfing – It’s More Fun Than the Shows on TV

I’m a modern 21st century committed TV viewer. I watch shows that I like and I like the shows that I watch. And… my choices are almost limitless. With well over 200 channels available to me, I can always find a network or station that is presenting programming I find interesting.

Film Review – Stardust

What is wrong with this movie? For the life of me, I could not tell you why I did not like this movie.

“Don’t Tell Papa” Starring Seung-ho Yu

“Don’t Tell Papa” is a somewhat endearing film about an 8 year old boy, Cho-woo (played superbly by Seung-ho Yu), who lives with his single father. His dad works for meager wages at a nightclub as an MC. His boss keeps him employed because he is cheap.

Why Should I Buy Blu-Ray?

Blu-Ray is the next big thing in home cinema. With considerable improvements over DVD in the amount of content held, picture and sound quality, Blu-Ray is a true next generation viewing experience. This guide explains the differences between Blu-Ray and DVD.

“The Young Victoria” Costumes

If you are a movie aficionado and view costumes as “art” and the costume designer as the “artist”, then you are sure to appreciate the sumptuous style of Sandy Powell who won an Oscar for Costume Design at the recent 2010 Academy Awards. Her costumes for The Young Victoria set the stage for this period drama and created a spellbinding focal point that was at once fresh and historically accurate. Julian Fellowes, writer of the script, says, “What is so extraordinary about her work in the film is that she has reinvented the Victorian look without being unfaithful to it”.

5 Best Sets to Shoot a Blockbuster

When going on location to film this years up and coming blockbuster hit movie, wouldn’t it be nice to visit somewhere nice to play the role. Somewhere hot and humid with stunning scenery and an electric atmosphere. Whatever the story may be, I’m sure you’ll find somewhere suitable from these following 5 hot spots!

Oscar’s Best Costumes

With the 82nd Annual Academy Awards quickly approaching, movie aficionados will tune in to see who wins what in the year’s best movies. Making up a good movie, there are actors portraying various characters which pull the audience into the story, finely executed cinematography, a memorable musical score, high-tech special effects and, of course, believable costuming.

Some Words After Seeing the Movie “The Shawshank Redemption”

The theme of the film Shawshank Redemption is about the hope and friendship. The plot of the movie is mainly about a wrongly accused banker who at last escaped from the Shawshank prison.

Queen Costumes in “Alice” Are Sinister and Sweet

More than 150 years have past since Lewis Carroll’s classic piece of literature, “Alice’s Adventures Wonderland”, was first published. Since then, the enchanting story’s characters have leapt off the pages to figuratively come to life in a variety of movie, television and stage adaptations. While the story hasn’t lost its charm after all these years, the costumes worn by the good and bad Queens have become predictable (you’ve probably seen dozens of “Queen of Hearts” in the same cheap Halloween costume). But to her credit, Colleen Atwood, the costume designer for Tim Burton’s recently released “Alice in Wonderland”, stepped out of the box and raced into the rabbit hole to create costumes that are loyal to Carroll’s tale, but utterly unique as well.

Episode Summary of the Hit Dramatic TV Show I Should Not Be Alive

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