Classic Sitcom Characters Chosen To Appear In Fictional TV Commercials

Commercials have always been a necessary nuisance throughout the history of television, since those ads serve as the primary source of revenue for the shows people love to watch. While most of them are forgettable or even regrettable, some spots have actually become as memorable as the shows themselves. The Super Bowl provides a good example of this, traditionally airing some of the most enjoyable ads ever.

Confessions of a Binge Watcher

I could never understand how people could binge watch one of the Netflix or Amazon TV series over a weekend or during a long night. Then I walked in on my husband when he was watching an episode from the first season of Mad Men. I sat down for a minute and was stuck. Over the next month, we watched seven seasons and then moved on to another series. Help! Somebody save me.

Five of Classic TV’s Most Memorable Food Markets

Going into a store and hand-picking the items you want are mundane acts we perform weekly, if not daily. That freedom, now taken for granted, is a relatively new concept. Shoppers did not have that option until exactly one hundred years ago, when the first self-serve grocery store opened in Memphis, Tennessee in September of 1916.

Movie Review of ‘South Side With Me’

If you want to see a clean romance movie and are open to believing the best of people, this is a good movie. It reminds us to see the positive side in others.

Here’s How You Can Get Branding Videos for Your Business

Looking for video production for your brand? Here are some of the quick ideas and tips to get started.

New Version Of Game Show Is A Match For the Classic Of Yesteryear

More often than not, attempts to revive new versions of bygone TV shows do not fare so well. A recent exception of course would be “Hawaii Five-0”, which has been successfully re-created by the CBS network. Part of the reason that series works in its new incarnation is the fact that it is a drama, a genre which has been traditionally more successful than remakes of other shows.

A Different Image

Recently I have re-visited a number of old movies I saw as a child, movies that I thought were wonderful when I first saw them. While some of them are still exciting to watch, others are not. As a young lad I didn’t know how movies were made, so I didn’t give things much thought.

DAYS OF SEQUELS TO COME: “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Guarantees The X-Men’s Cinematic Future

Admittedly, 20th Century Fox’ X-Men franchise (including spin-offs) has been somewhat floundering in quality since Bryan Singer’s departure from directorial duties after 2003’s “X-Men 2”. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” ushers in a return to form for both the director and the franchise.

A TANGLED WEB: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Thrills Despite Its Disjointed Presentation

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 truly is a comic book come to life. From the manner of storytelling to the character voices and the visuals, the film is a homage to that era of Spider-Man comics even as it tries to work within modern storytelling aesthetics.

Golf In Olympics More Competitive Than The Humorous Game Portrayed On Popular Sitcoms

For the first time in over 100 years, golf is now a sport in the summer Olympics. Legendary golfer Gary Player has long been a proponent of bringing the game to the international competition, and he must be pleased as he watches both men and women from across the world driving and putting to bring honor to their nations. Golf has always been a popular pastime in the United States, each major tournament bringing high television ratings.

2016 Payrates for Solo Singers For On-Camera Performance and TV Guest Appearances

Learn 2016 payrates for solo singers, actors and actresses who do on camera-performances and TV Guest appearances. Get an insider look on how SAG pays for union and non-union members who are looking to break into the business.

Intentional or an Accident? Bollywood’s Remakes of Hollywood Movies

“Hindi Cinema” most commonly known as Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world with one of the biggest centers of film production. It is an industry which is expected to earn $4.5 billion in revenue by 2016, triple the amount made in 2004. Filled with talent, colours and utter creativity, Bollywood exceeds Hollywood by the amount of tickets sold globally. Then why copy? Here are five movies that Bollywood very unsuccessfully copied off Hollywood.