20 Lessons I Have Learned From Lifetime Movies

Most people believe that Lifetime Movie Network only offers high-quality entertainment. It does much more than that though, it offers life lessons.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review – Smart Apes Equal Bad News

This new summer blockbuster looked to be promising, but does it have the substance to stand the test of time? I think it does and I’ll tell you why.

Clone Wars: The Grownup Version

From a clone’s point of view, most humans are highly unpredictable creatures: moody, oftentimes foolish, and staunchly opposed to being reasonable; easily annoyed; obsessed with sex; ludicrously secretive; astoundingly vain. What gives?

Ever Wonder How You Could Buy That Huge Movie Theater Display?

Ever wonder how you could buy that huge movie theater display that you see in the lobby of a cinema? Promotional movie standups are usually never for sale to the general public since they are for advertisement purposes only. However, there are private sellers who provide the opportunity to make any highly collectible movie standee available for purchase if you know where to look.

A Tale of Four Robins and One Batman

Batman is a cultural icon. Making his first appearance in 1939 in comics, he is an ordinary man who dons a bat suit and fights villains. He has no super powers like Superman, Spiderman or countless other superheroes so we are able to relate to him more easily. Some of us may not be very familiar with the comic, but may know him from the late 1960s somewhat silly television show which is still in reruns today and quite popular, and even more of us know him perhaps from the more recent Batman movies.

The Fashion of James Bond

Did you ever want to know how James Bond stays on the edge of Fashion? Who in the history of film has gone through more fashion trends than James Bond?

Harry Potter – The End of an Era But We Still Have More to Look Forward To

Although the films and books may be over for now. We still have plenty to look forward to over the next couple of months. The release of the Pottermore website, the launch of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows DVD” and Orlando’s 10 year celebration packages.

Trains in Fiction

Looking at films that featured trains. Includes several pictures from Alfred Hitchcock.

Movie Review: Killer Elite (2011)

More intricate than a typical Jason Statham actioner, Killer Elite successfully maintains a surprising degree of intrigue and intensity, not through an overly clever storyline, but with an air of unpredictability within its characters. It’s obvious that nothing will turn out the way it seems, but with a cast comprised of so many vicious killers, keeping track of which ones are the real heroes becomes an entertaining quest. While the plot bogs itself down from time to time with an abundance of twists and a location change every five minutes, the seasoned actors will hold your interest – at least…

Movie Review of Contagion

Here’s some well directed advice: If you have been diagnosed with OCD, or are a certified germaphobe, don’t see this movie. Just skip it. You’ll thank me for saving you from a complete and utter mental breakdown. And, if you feel that you have any sort of OCD “tendencies”, be warned that this film will most likely nudge you right over that little precipice.

Movie Review of Apollo 18

Well, here’s some good news for what I would imagine is a small demographic of people: If you’ve been thinking to yourself “You know, they just don’t make enough ‘conspiracy theory/Blair Witch Project/aliens that look like rocks and want to kill us’ movies that are set in SPACE!”—get ready to rejoice. Hollywood has managed to dredge up this piece of work for you.

Movie Review of Cowboys and Aliens

Some things just aren’t meant to go together: Steak and grape jelly. Bermuda shorts and black dress socks. Your grandmother and Facebook. And for good measure, let’s throw in Cowboys and Aliens. From the moment I saw the previews of this one, the only thing that kept rolling through my mind was “What is going on?! Are things so bad that Indiana Jones is just signing on to ANYTHING?” Yes. Yes they are.