The Life of Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is widely known for his character portrayal in the program Saturday Night Live. His hilarious career has its roots in the suburban area of New York where he met with many artistes who have made a mark in the music industry. The would-be comedian participated in various urbane projects with other artistes before he got his first painting job.

Highlights in the Career of Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan began as a stand-up comedian before plummeting his way to the television screen where he won recognition as a parody comic. Brought up in a New York neighborhood inhabited by other African American artistes, the comedy star got the background needed to bring him into the celebrity spotlight.

About Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan, known as Jamal, was born in November 10, 1968 and brought up in the Bronx in New York. He is an American actor and comedian. He is the second child in a family of five children. His mother was a homemaker and his father Jimmy Morgan was a musician but he left the family when he was just six years old. He attended De Witt Clinton High school in the Bronx and afterwards grew up with Jay-Z in the Marcy projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

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