The Walking Dead And Its Impact On Geek Culture

The Walking Dead has has a major cultural impact on our lives. From graphic novel to the AMC TV show. Surviving a world filled with the living dead has affected Geek culture.

The Top 5 Most Influential TV Shows (For Better or for Worse)

Many TV shows are very influential to susceptible viewers. This isn’t always a bad thing, but most of the time it is. People get too caught up with something that is supposed to be just entertainment, but it spills over into real life and becomes pervasive.

New Orleans French Film Festival

For eighteen years, the New Orleans Film Society has worked tirelessly to grace the public with French films. Film festivals, no matter the genre, are important tools to help bridge the gap between lesser known movies and the general public. Even when they are not screening lesser known films, film festivals allow everyone to perhaps consider and even watch movies they would not normally consider attending.

Amy Schumer Is the Hottest Girl on Television

I recently had a few interesting conversations with some good friends about celebrity crushes. I told them I rarely ever had a celebrity crush, and a couple of the ones I did have, I ended up meeting them and they quickly lost all of their appeal to me. One of them asked me which celebrity I find the most appealing right now, and without hesitation I said, Amy Schumer.

Movie Reviews for Terminator Genisys Have Been Glowing!

So what are you waiting for? Catch Arnold Schwarzenegger in the addition to the Terminator series!

Supporting Characters From Past Teen Sitcoms – Where Are They Now?

Former teen star Hilary Duff resurfaced for the first time in years upon the release of a new album in June. Titled Breathe In Breathe Out, the record was the first Lizzie McGuire star’s first album in eight years. In that interval of a near decade, Duff was focussing on motherhood and marriage.

Which Are The Top Performing Direct-To-Home Recharge Plans?

With its easy set-up, competitive offerings and exciting interactive services, Direct-To-Home television, albeit still a novel industry, is getting stronger by the day throughout India. However, as it goes, the more the providers, the higher the competition. DTH’s growth has caused an explosion in marketing messages and noise, making the task of picking one a little difficult.

Animated Films to Watch

A short list of animated films to watch. Not an exhaustive list, but a good starting point.

Why Spanish-Language TV Will Be Around for a Long Time to Come

The population of English-dominant Latino millenials is rising rapidly, but that doesn’t mean Spanish-language television is fading to black any time soon. Hispanic television, with its melodramatic soaps and cheesy comedy shows, is an indelible part of U.S. Latino culture.

Updating The Beeb

Britons must pay an annual television license fee to support the BBC or face a stiff fine. So they are abandoning their TVs.

A Hilarious Ride, From Start to Finish – Guddu Rangeela!

The next big satire is here – Guddu Rangeela! Set in North India, the film is the story of two cousins, Guddu and Rangeela, who try their best to make ends meet.

Angelina Jolie

Apart from her success as an actress, she has been an active philanthropist and humanitarian, campaigning for women’s safety, HIV, child immigrants and many more social causes. In 2003, she was the first recipient of the Citizen of the World Award by the United Nations Correspondents Association and was awarded the Global Humanitarian Award in 2005.