Talks Heat Up on a Season Two for Serangoon Road

Rumors are circulating that talks between HBO Asia and the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) to begin production of a season two of “Serangoon Road” have shifted into high gear driven by promising results in the UK and French marketplaces. The Indonesian 1960’s period suspense drama debuted in September of 2013 featuring Dony Hany and Joan Chen. The 10-part series was a collaboration between ABC and HBO Asia and was filmed largely on the island of Batam in Indonesia.

The 3 Star Plus Dramas With the Most Touching Love Stories

There is nothing more captivating than a love story. It is great to see how love gives two people the strength and courage to overcome all kinds of challenges. You can follow some truly fascinating love stories in the fabulous Star Plus dramas.

3 Pakistani Dramas Telling Emotionally Stirring Family Stories

The relationships between people have always been in the core of successful Pakistani dramas. When a show is about the relationships in a family, things get even more dramatic and interesting for the audience.

3 Great Star Plus Dramas for Young People

If you love watching dramatic stories on television, you are most likely a fan of Star Plus dramas. This Hindi television is renowned for having some of the best shows.

2 Hot Pakistani Dramas and 1 International Hit You Must Not Miss

If you are a dedicated fan of Pakistani dramas, you most certainly find it difficult to choose which ones of the many shows to follow. Consider some of the best shows at present. They have everything which you want to see from love and betrayal to laughter and tears.

Why I Write Screenplays and Novels

Why do I want to write? The first reason is that I have something to share, ideas, experiences and a great desire to share some of the things I have learned about screenwriting and writing a new book about my career, which is almost completed.

Noteworthy Appearances of Swing Sets in Famous Movies

There’s no doubt that swing sets bring out the kid in all of us. Famous Hollywood movies use this unconventional backdrop to convey complex situations and add a sense of playfulness or nostalgia for a happier time.

Glenn Campbell – I’ll Be Me – A New Film Report

The six luckiest folks in the town where I live were the five folks who were in the movie theatre with me this afternoon when we saw GLENN CAMPBELL… I’LL BE ME. Why more people weren’t there… who knows? I can report with joy that it was a moving excellently produced documentary of Glenn Campbell’s last musical tour- after he had learned that he was in the early disease stages of Alzheimer’s.

From a Hawaii-Grown Japan Fan: The Mind-Whopping Truth Behind Japan’s Kikaida Super Hero

My elementary-school friends and I in Hawaii in the late 70s would rush home on Wednesday afternoons to watch this show. It started at 3 p.m. and my sister Joy and I would go directly to the waiting school bus at Pearl Ridge Elementary School, sit right behind our kind and friendly driver named Ben, and start to imagine what challenge Jiro would face today.

Have Hollywood Horror Movies Gone Too Far

The question as to whether or not Hollywood horror movies have gone too far is discussed here. While some may think that things have gone too far, it’s actually not as bad as people think.

The Wonderful World Of James Bond: From Best To Worst

This is a list of the James Bond movies. These are placed from worst to best. Fear not. Every actor made at least one appearance in the top ten.

Birdman – Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance – A New Film Report

My wife’s uncle used to have a response when he was confronted with somebody’s grandiose concern for some pompous proposal. He would chuckle and say, “It’s a big cloud in a small rain.” Such is this Birdman film. I hate to strike out on sincere directors and writers, who hold mortgages to homes and kids to keep in college, but it outrages me to have to sit through a film, which grabs me by the coattails, and insists that I stay through this rampaging noir of cry-baby bull-sh*t… I don’t seek it nor do I care what it tells me anew.