Reviews of the Top 3 TV Shows or Series of 2009

The Top-3 shows of 2009. This is a valid and extensive review of the best of the best.

Principal Advantages of Satellite TV

If you purchase a service through communication satellites to watch TV, you will have a unique experience for those who have traditional or cable viewing. With satellite TV, receives a much larger set of services and channels and some channels that are available by subscription.

South Park – Butters’ Bottom Girl

South Park brings us another funny new episode as they look at prostitution and take a swipe at ACORN. This is a Butters focused episode which is pretty much guaranteed funny and it hits the mark in many places.

It’s Not TV, It’s HBO – In HD

HBO is one of the key reasons for any movie and television enthusiast to subscribe to satellite TV. A far cry from network TV sit-coms, chalked full of cheesy studio audience laughter and politically correct banter, HBO produces series that people change their schedules to watch. With first run showings of award winning movies, original television programming that surpasses many silver screen productions, and sports offerings that outshine those of cable television, HBO is an entertainment upgrade for any and every household.

Thoughts on Zombieland

About a week ago, I had a chance to see the newest blockbuster comedy/horror film “Zombieland.” Was it good? Was it bad? The anticipation for this film’s release was pretty big and it definitely stirred up some buzz.

Electronics Entertainment Galore – Part 2

Deserving a break from the hours of stress every work day. At first it may seem weird but it want take long before your troubles and heartaches will disappear for a little while. Just what you need to get recharged until the next play time. Schedule a session with happy hour daily or at lest 3 times a week. It will make the difference you have been looking for.

HDTV – Part 3 – How Does HDTV Work?

In Part 3 of my Introduction to High Definition Television (HDTV) basics series, I’m going to get a little technical on you. Do not let it scare you for I will show you what you need to know to make an informed decision when buying a new HDTV for your specific viewing needs. It need not be overwhelming…nor will you be intimidated when you’re ready to walk into the store and overcome the sales weasel with your knowledge!

Why More People Should Watch “Bones”

Bones follows forensic anthropologist, Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Deschanel), as she solves murder cases with her F.B.I. partner, Special Agent Seeley Booth (Boreanez). The cases are really interested because most of the crimes they have to solve involve human remains that are only bones.

Can You Use Software For Screenwriting For Free?

One of the most important tools for any filmmaker (whether you’re a big wig executive for a major Hollywood studio, or an independent writer/director/dp/editor/producer from Small Town, USA making your first film on a shoestring budget of $1000) is the software used. There are software options for editing (including Final Cut, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and more), production (EP Budgeting, EP Scheduling, Movie Magic, Big Horse, etc.) and animation (Blender, Maya, After Effects, etc). But remember, before the movie can take place, there has to be a script. So naturally, there are software programs for screenwriters.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

The movie portrays Ellen as more sweet than the evil grandma she played in Rose Red it went on to explain a bit about why the house was evil. Although I did enjoy the movie I wasn’t quite satisfied it could have went deeper and gave more details into the story which happens often with books turned into movies.

‘Dragons Den’ BBC TV Series – Success Stories

Dragons Den BBC2 TV Series is unlike any other reality TV show in that there is something more at stake than the contestants’ pride. In front of some the richest and most successful businessmen and women in Britain members of the public pitch their products, ideas and their business acumen in the hopes of securing an investment that could turn their businesses and their lives around in a way that most can only dream of. The aim of the game is not to win but simply to make a life changing business agreement.

Us Now – Web Culture Documentary

Us Now is an independently produced documentary released in 2009. Us Now examines and explores the open software revolution (Linux, Wikipedia, etc.). One site examined is where those looking to travel on a limited budget willingly sleep and let others sleep on their couch. Though it sounds dangerous many users report…