Superman RIP Again

He was one of the most popular heroes of the past century – the star of film, television, radio, novels and most of all, comic books. Writer Harlan Ellison once suggested that he was one of five fictitious characters known to every man, woman and child on the planet (along with Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan and Mickey Mouse). But when Superman died last year, hardly anyone seemed to care.

Review of Winged Migration Film of Flying Birds

Review of winged migration acclaimed film of flying birds. Includes footage from over 40 countries and the production team totaled more than 450 people and 17 pilots.

Review of Film Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

The Miracle of our Lady of Fatima is closely based (some liberties were taken) on the real events that took place in Portugal during 1917.

Download Movie Site

Are you looking for download movie site to download movies and music? Download movie site is a fast and convenient way for people nowadays for watch movies at the comfort of your own homes.

Internet Movie Downloads

With the availability of high speed broadband everywhere, there are nowadays many internet movie downloads sites on the internet. The latest to join in the internet movie download site is Apple with its itunes movie store. You can easily download a movie and watch it on your ipod, pc or mac.

Movie Remakes Phenomena

Back in the previous century, since the early days of Hollywood motion picture production, there has been a constant search for good scripts and ideas. Although the Hollywood of that time had no source to look up, these days the things drastically changed. In the lack of a good idea, the major studios can always turn to some movie blockbuster from the past within it’s own database, within the European or worldwide production or the independent works of the talented authors from USA, even the turkeys that had a good potential but turned out bad. The term ‘movie remake’ saw the daylight.

Govinda – Akki Fail To Impress In Bhagam

The latest comedy from the house of Priyadarshan turns into a murder mystery post-interval, leaving much to be desired. Says trade analyst Taran Adarsh, “The whodunit takes off very well at the intermission. But as the mystery deepens and the three suspects (Akshay, Govinda, Paresh) try to put pieces of the jigsaw puzzle meticulously, the sequence of events that lead to the finale aren’t convincing and captivating.”

Film Review of Drums Along the Mohawk

•Year: 1939 •Genre: War, Western, Adventure •Director: John Ford •Screenwriter: Walter D. Edmonds •Music: Alfred Newman •Main Actors: Claudette Colbert (Lana), Henry Fonda (Gil), Edna May Oliver (Mrs. McKlennar) •Nominations of Academic rewards: best supporting actress (Edna May Oliver), Best Cinematography (Ray Rennahan and Bert Glennon).

Kabul Express

As a mainstream Bollywood film, Kabul Express does stretch the boundaries: no songs, no dances, no picture post-card Swiss landscape and a lingo that’s an unapologetic mix of Hindi, English and Pushto. What’s more, the film’s just 12 reels long and 100-odd minutes in duration…

Getting in Touch With TV Networks

Have you ever been watching a TV program and you liked it so much that you wanted to contact the network and thank them for the splendid program. Or, maybe you have seen something that you find particularly offensive and you would like to complain to the network and tell them to clean up their act. If we want to make changes in the programs that you see on TV then you need to make your voice heard. If you don’t try then you really have no room to complain.

DVD’S, The Devils Video Devices

Time and technology march on but what is not apparent is which way they are marching. The scratchy gramophone record was replaced by the eight track then the cassette and now the DVD and the I pod. I received for Christmas several DVD movies oh boy, remember the good old days with those clunky videocassettes? Back then you pushed the primitive stone age device in the slot and sat down to watch the movie. Now thanks to the magic of DVD’s you press power, then open, then open again provided you have already removed it from its easy open packaging.

Screenwriting – How to Write a Copper Bottom Real Life Work of Shattering Genius in Ten Easy Steps

Your last screenplay bounced back from the production company with a two sentence rejection letter and a bicycle tire mark splattered across its front cover. No-one else in the history of the world has ever shown any signs of enjoyment reading any of your work. You are desperate. You hate the job you are in and have always wanted to write. But you just don’t know what professional screenwriters really do…