How MTV Got Started and How it Has Influenced Television Today

This article will describe the history of how MTV got it’s start. For many young adults, they can never imagine life without computers, music video production and reality television.

The Ryan Kwanten True Blood Workout

Ryan Kwanten is the super-fit Australian actor who plays Jason Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood. Here is an article outlining his workout and diet plan.

Buy TV Shows on DVD – 3 Reasons to Buy TV Shows on DVD

Watching television is getting to be a painful experience. Today, it makes much more sense to buy TV shows on DVD. When I was a kid, the first commercial in an hour long television show would come at the twenty minute mark. Today it seems like you get six minutes of television followed by three to six minutes of commercials. If, like me, you don’t have a TiVo, DVR, or other recording device, you may even give up on television.

Hooked on “There Will Be Blood”

This movie fascinates me. I know I had no idea what this movie was about when I stumbled upon it by accident one night while surfing cable looking for something to watch.

How to Find Your Filming Locations

As you prepare to find locations for your film, you or your location scout will first want to make a list of all the settings in your film. You will want to pay attention to the way each of these is described in the script, not so much for it’s physical details as much as it’s essence. From there you’ll begin to hunt for and compile a list of locations that could serve as each setting.

How to Hold Auditions For Your Film

Auditioning potential cast members is your first chance to see the director/actor relationship at work. Even if you plan to cast your friends or family, be sure to audition them first. This will help establish a new kind of relationship and let them know that you’re treating your film as a professional endeavor (and encourage them to do the same). Some directors choose not to audition actors but rather simply meet with them to discuss the project. This works best if the actor is well known, with several films in release so that the director already has a general sense of how the actor looks and acts on camera.

Classic Movie “Hell is For Heroes”

If you are a fan of WW2 movies you must have seen this classic movie from 1962. Steve McQueen plays kind of a dark, loner type of character which almost seems like what he always played.

Upcoming Movie – The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is an upcoming fantasy, based on the book of the same name, set for release by Paramount Pictures on December 11, 2009. Susie Salmon is the oldest of three children living in a suburban Pennsylvania community. Somewhat of a loner, before her death, Susie dreams that high school will change her life measurably.

DVD Movies For Sale – 3 Reasons to Seek Out Used Movies For Sale

Watching movies is one of our favorite past times. You can find DVD movies for sale everywhere. Just look at how much money is spent at the box office each week. And it’s not just going to the theater that captivates us. We just like movies. It’s a great form of entertainment that anyone of any age or any fitness level can enjoy.

A Brief History of African Film

During the Golden Age of Hollywood when some of the greatest masterpieces in motion picture history were being produced, African filmmakers were not allowed to make films. The period which lasted from the end of the silent era in the late 1920’s to the late 1950’s did not see a single film produced by an African director. In fact, all of the early films that were composed by African filmmakers were not filmed in Africa. It was not until the 1960’s and 70’s that African directors broke free from their chains’ and began to produce works of their own.

Closed Captioning – It’s Not Just on Your Home TV Anymore

Today’s world is becoming more and more reliant on technology, and shows no signs of stopping for the future. With the new laws in effect regarding closed captioning paired with the latest technology advances, you may wonder where you will find closed captioning in your every day life besides on your home television. Within your local community, you will be surprised to discover the number of places that provide access to closed captioning.

Kristine Hermosa’s Roller Coaster Fame

Then Kristine’s career came to a slow. That’s the time when she fell in love and married actor Diether Ocampo. She was always saying that she was contented in her married life and far from showbiz intrigues. She hid herself from the limelight and took most of her time in her married life.