Should Marvel Be Marketing The Avengers More?

It’s literally the biggest comic book movie ever made. It’s taken four years and five movies to make and in May of this year, Marvel will finally unleash The Avengers on screen. However, would anyone that hasn’t seen any of the movies beforehand be familiar enough with The Avengers concept, based on how Marvel has been marketing it so far?

The Iron Lady – My Interpretation of the Metaphors

It wasn’t until after I had seen the trailer that I become interested in watching this film. I didn’t know much about Margaret Thatcher (Not that this film can be completely trusted in its portrayal of her), but what I did know is that this looked to be a powerful film. The films tagline ‘never compromise’ also caught my attention.

A Review of “The Black Power Mixtape 1967 – 1975”

“The Black Power Mixtape 1967 – 1975” documentary takes a refreshing look that the civil rights movement from the eyes of a group of Swedish news journalists. I was amazed at the amount of footage never-seen-before footage of civil rights icons.

Save Money, Cut the Cord on Cable TV

“Cutting the cord” on your cable or satellite TV service can save you big money. Your Cable bill is the one “utility” that you can live without! Whether you go with an Over-the-air TV Antenna, or the wide variety of services for Streaming TV and Movie content (or both), good alternatives to cable TV are widely available.

Movie Review of We Bought a Zoo

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater and felt genuinely happy that you just saw a particular movie? I’m not talking about being thrilled that the movie was OVER— heaven knows there’s been enough of those experiences in my life. What I’m describing here is the feeling of being able to be entertained for 2 hours and feeling like your life is just a little bit better because of what you saw.

Movie Review – Joyful Noise (2012) (PG-13)

Joyful Noise is a harmless, well-intentioned movie that was clearly made with no goal in mind apart from being uplifting. It’s easy to see why the critical response has been largely negative; in its innocence, it leaves many questions unanswered, whitewashes a number of harsh realities, and repeatedly sidesteps plausibility for the sake of entertainment. While I cannot argue with these observations, and while the film is ultimately too flawed and predictable for me to recommend it, I’m not inclined to be ruthless.

Movie Review – Contraband (2012) (R)

Reykjavik-Rotterdam was a 2009 Icelandic crime thriller that never received a wide release in the U.S., apart from a few screenings at film festivals. The star of the film, Baltasar Kormakur, now serves as the director and producer of its American remake, Contraband. On the basis of the end results, perhaps it isn’t always a good idea to let someone intimately familiar with a concept have a hand at bringing it to the big screen.

Movies About Diseases

Film history is full of wonderful films about disease, illness, outbreak and recovery. Some are documentaries, other are based off books or plays, and yet, still more are pure fiction. Disease is the stuff of great dramatic stories.

Tips To Attend Casting Call Auditions

If you wish to pursue your career as a model, mark it in your mind and always remember that attending casting call auditions and working on these calls could be the major tool to get yourself in this field. Hence, it is very imperative that you as a wannabe model wishing for making it big in modeling world be apparent about what a casting or audition call is all about. These auditions could help you in turning into the most sought after model provided you learn all your lessons with a right attitude and approach.

Aishwarya Rai – The Most Beautiful Woman In The World!

No one had ever imagined that this girl with 90% in Higher Secondary, and interest in medicine, born in a small family in India could go on to win the Miss World in London and make the entire country proud, moreover place the country on the global map, making it one of the most sought for countries when it came to fashion and design. She did one of her first modeling assignments when she was barely in the 9th grade. She then went on to become a top model and also became very famous on the small screen because of…

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Premiere Coming Soon to Showtime

Nurse Jackie is just one of many great Showtime original series. Edie Falco (formerly star of The Sopranos) is brilliant in the role of nurse Jackie Peyton–wife, mother, mentor, pill addict. The Nurse Jackie Season 4 premiere airs on Showtime in March 2012. The supporting cast is amazing, and the writing and directing make the characters at All Saints Hospital come to life.

Films for Valentine’s Day

If you always wanted your life to resemble some film this Valentines Day you could think the same for two! The rigmarole of DVD movie marathon only gets better with Valentines around the corner. So pop some corn and get some cola and let some evergreen romance flicks help you snuggle up with the significant other.