Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a personnel decision that should be based on the amount of editing that you intend to do, your comfort level with video editing software and your budget. For the purposes of this discussion I am not going to suggest which program that you should use. I will discuss the program that I use, but not in an attempt to promote it, but rather to bring up the things that I think editing software should be able to to in the home application. What you choose is up to your own comfort level because editing software is a very personal decision.

Wholesale DVDs – Entertainment at a Discount

The cost of a dinner and a movie has gotten out of reach for many as disposable income has steadily decreased. Now dinner and a movie may be a pizza and DVD in the comfort of their home. The real value is in the cost of either renting or purchasing the DVD. If you are running your own video store, you know that the getting the videos at a great price is necessary to improving your profit margin. Purchasing wholesale videos provides the price and variety that you need in your business.

Future of Digital Video Editing

Digital video editing is the future, and the future is now. Without a doubt, digital video editing is a technological advancement of huge proportions, but we must not lose sight that it is not an advancement in the art of editing, but rather a monumental advancement in the tools available to the editor. Film, tape and digital video editing are different formats in which the editor works, but the basic art of editing remains the same.

Remember the Care Bears?

If we ask ourselves as to what things do we remember when watching cartoon movies with our kids, we would definitely not miss the entertainment brought by the Care Bears. These cute and huggable bears were very popular during the 80’s that caused millions of children to stay at home and watch every episode of their movies. For sure, we were among those kids who were once bonded with the cartoon characters during our early childhood years.

B Movies – A Primer

As long as there have been movies, there have been B movies. Traditionally low-budget, barely publicized affairs, B movies are usually genre films (sci-fi, Western, horror, etc.) featuring actors of little or no repute, often made by small specialty studios and cranked out as if on an assembly line.

Are Modern Horror Movies Any Good?

There’s no denying it, horror is one of the biggest and most popular movie genres there is. Just what is it that makes horror films so appealing?

History Channel Goes Military!

From Bronze Age battles to the Gulf War and beyond, and from tactics and strategy to weapons and soldiers, the Military History Channel runs the gambit when it comes to informative and interesting military programming. With shows running continuously, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, the Military History Channel is never lacking in interesting programs.

Gay Movie Actors Bound by Hollywood’s ‘Straight’ Jacket

Hollywood isn’t homophobic, it’s economic. It all comes down to numbers, and appealing to the widest demographic, not a sizeable minority. With the growth of online distribution, cheaper filmmaking methods and niche audiences, however, this might be about to change…

Street Fighter 2 the Animated Movie – Like Playing the Game

You do not need a game controller to play this game. All you need is your handy dandy remote control. Yep, street fighter ii the animated movie is just as intense as playing the real game. Watching the street fighter dvd is a cool way to get the gaming experience with out the bruised thumbs. You will learn more about the game’s characters as their latent personalities are revealed. Watch with anticipation as the movie breathes life into the game.

A Spy For Everyone

Who doesn’t love a good spy thriller? Catch Burn Notice on USA with Dish Network Satellite TV and you’ll find one of the best spy shows to come along in years!

Ascent of Money – Must See TV Documentary

This interesting and relevant TV documentary is presented in hourly installments that roughly track the chapters of Niall Ferguson’s 2008 book titled The Ascent of Money. Each segment, narrated by its author, examines milestone events from world history from the perspective of their financial and economic roots.

Admiral James Tiberius Kirk

What is it that makes Jim Kirk the hero we science fiction lovers can’t get enough of? Is it his chiseled chin or his tangled toupee? Is it his sexy smile or his veracious voice? I say it’s his bodacious audacity. What do I mean by that?