Who is Rigging American Idol?

American Idol is a ratings phenomenon. Bringing in close to 35 million viewers every season, the reality show boasts itself as a competition for America’s great undiscovered.

Hooking up your PC to Your TV

What do you do with all the movies you download to your PC, spend a couple days burning them to a DVD or VCD, which can take a lot of time and might not work. You have your Computer set up for home theater great sound system. Expensive speakers outstanding graphics you can see every little detail on your whopping 17 inch monitor, for a computer monitor that is a good size.

African Movies And Nigerian Movies Popularity

The thing about Nigerian movies is the story. The most common flaws in Nigerian movies are their poor endings. In the outgoing year, one thing that refused to change about Nigerian movies is its character.

Inside A Box With The Thinking Woman’s Crumpet Or The Art Of Derren Brown

From the most ordinary of beginnings in the clutches of Croydon in Surrey, a young University student by the name of Derren Brown decided on a life changing career in hypnosis purely by chance. After an inspirational dip into such a “job” he became fascinated with psychology, illusion and magic, yet staying firm that anything to do with “the other side of life” as Colin Fry affectionately terms it, is a belief best left to the believers. As time went on, he delved into deeper questionable theories.

Watch Live Tv For Free Online – How to Watch Tv on Your Pc

It’s now possible to watch TV online via your PC. Learn more about how this works.

What’s in a Name – Marvel Super-Heroes vs Classic TV Shows

With the success of the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises, it seems that every second Marvel Comics superhero has a film in planning stages. However, Marvel’s other superhero teams have a slight hurdle: they share their names with another popular Hollywood subject: fondly-remembered TV shows. Let’s tell them apart-

An Interview With “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” Co-Producer Betsy Chasse

In 2004, a little science film called “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” was a surprise hit that got everyday average people thinking about quantum physics. Recently the filmmakers, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente and William Arntz of Yelm, Washington-based Lord of the Wind Films, released a special “Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum” edition of the movie with six hours of additional interviews. It’s all part of their plan to take the fear factor out of science.

How to Attend a Movie Premiere

Six VIP tips to ensure you find tickets and seats inside world premieres.

Discover How To Use A Download Movie Site So You Can Stop Renting Videos

A good download movie site will completely eliminate the need for you to go out and rent videos. In fact, you will never have to pay to be entertained again! Sounds amazing, right? Well it’s easier than you think…

An Interview With “My Date With Drew” Star Brian Herzlinger

Most date movies are fictional stories about two people perfectly suited for each other, but enormous obstacles stand in their way. In the documentary film, “My Date With Drew” you would have a hard time finding anyone who thinks that fledgling filmmaker Brian Herzlinger and superstar Drew Barrymore are perfectly suited for each other. However, the obstacles to their ever even meeting – much less dating or falling in love – are certainly enormous.

Have you Discovered the BBC Audio Books Yet?

Most people may not exactly be familiar with it yet, but a BBC audio book is actually the term used to call the series of products that are, in essence, audio recordings straight from the trusty BBC network.

Go Digital and Knock’em Out!

Using Digital technology, the visual appeal and grandeur of films can be created at a fraction of the cost involved in conventional film-making on celluloid. It’s quicker too.