Terry Wogan and Fire Safety

Now Terry Wogan is a TV personality here in the UK and I am sure everyone remembers his chat show on BBC1 and his often amusing coverage of the Eurovision song contest. But did you know that he suffered a house fire last year?

South Park – The Complete Thirteenth Season

South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season offers nothing new as far as how the show works, keeping true to the social satirical formula originally created by the two patriarchs of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In essence, the two men take headlines from both pop culture and world news and parody them to express their personal opinions on the matter through four small children form a small Colorado town and the herd of oddballs that surround them. The result is usually crude, offensive and incredibly hilarious.

Review of an Episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Over the years many foreign things have come to America and become popular and famous. The Beatles, for example, are a band from overseas, and kung fu movies largely originated in China. Also, toys sometimes make it to America from overseas and become a big hit.

Brilliant Thrillers Both Old and New on Satellite TV Networks

Many think of Hitchcock as the master of the thriller, but there was no shortage of classic film thrillers already in the can when the British master took to Hollywood. Nonetheless, it’s hard to look at films like Psycho, North by Northwest and Vertigo without seeing their tremendous influence on modern films. Today’s directors have gone in many different directions with the thriller. Satellite TV networks can take viewers down these spellbinding roads whenever they’re ready. Here are 5 thrillers not to be missed.

“Where Eskimos Live” Starring Sergiusz Zymelka

“Where Eskimos Live” is a story about the dark side of war. Not that which involves the fighting between nations and soldiers, but rather the darker side that effects the innocent civilians, both young and old, who have no control over their newfound circumstances. Vlado Petric (magnificently played by the 11 year old Sergiusz Zymelka) is a war orphan who, along with a vagabond group of orphans, has learned to survive on the streets of his war torn country.

Best Actress Sandra Bullock Gets a Retrospective on Satellite TV

If you were compiling a list of the great female actresses of our time, you might put down quite a few before even considering Sandra Bullock. However, as she showed in The Blind Side, she’s more than worthy of her own statuette and should be proud of her many career achievements. Although she may be the most popular actress of the current era – and thus is dealt a number of fluff roles – there are some excellent performances in her past. Check out these five pictures on satellite TV to see Sandra Bullock at her best.

Best Actor Jeff Bridges Stars on Satellite TV

When the Best Actor Oscar was handed to Jeff Bridges at the 2010 Academy Awards, many people were surprised to know that it was his first win. Bridges’ career has been filled with great performances, some of them truly iconic (everyone knows ‘the Dude’).

Pancho Villa – Mexican Superstar

I once saw a poster of a movie titled “And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself.” This movie starred Antonio Banderas as Pancho Villa. And though I’ve heard the name Pancho Villa before, I never really took time to find out about the man.

Mexico’s Revolutionary Movie Star

Pancho Villa, a popular hero of Mexico, was not only one of the most renowned generals of the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to 1920, but also a movie star in his own right, invading the fledging silent movie industry and capturing the imaginations of both the Americans and Mexicans alike. Starting with the war documentary film “Life of Villa” in 1912, his main reason in letting a film be made was to acquire the needed funds in order to bankroll the Revolution against the oppressive Mexican regime.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Movie

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is written in the style of a child’s journal and interspersed with hilarious hand drawn pictures. Curious to see how this would be adapted to the big screen, I made plans to take my granddaughters and we set off with high expectations.

Greenberg & Hot Tub Time Machine in Los Feliz

Saw two flicks over the weekend in Los Feliz (just east of the Hollywood area). One on Saturday. One on Sunday. First up was…

Movie Replicas For Movie Fanatics

Today the movie industry, aka film industry, is a multi level business world wide. That’s right; due to do the huge advancement in technology movies are becoming more complex than ever.