X Men For Women, Which Are You Most Like?

Have you ever noticed that there aren’t many series that have great female role models? Well, the X Men series is one that is all encompassing. That’s why it’s great to have a series where there are so many female representations. Which one is your alias and why? In this fun guide I have a taken a few of the central characters to help you decide which one you fit the most.

Going to the Movies

If you have ever watched an old movie you will have noticed actors had to be very versatile in those days. They had to sing, dance and act. Especially movies made during WW1, WW2 and the Great Depression. Musicals were predominant in those days. Movie makers wanted to cheer up the people and what better way than to make a joyous picture show filled with singing and dancing. There has not been a really good musical made since “Grease” in 1978. Although, some people did really enjoy the “High School Musical” movies, they were not as popular as “Grease.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Seinfeld Reunion?

It looks like the Curb Your Enthusiasm Seinfeld reunion is in full effect. Whether or not it actually takes place on the show itself is another thing, but you’re basically seeing it before your very eyes in some form or another. The entire Seinfeld main cast appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm last week, and this is the first time they’ve all been seen together on television since the show wrapped itself up over 10 years ago.

Californication Season 3 Synopsis

One of my favorite shows on TV happens to be Californication. With some great humor, a very interesting story line, great acting, and more, this is always 30 minutes of great entertainment each time it comes on. I don’t know if I’ve ever missed an episode, and I really can’t say that about too many shows.

31 of the Best Horror Movies For Halloween

October has arrived once again. There is a familiar chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors and daylight is much shorter. It is a beautiful time of year but also a bleak and spooky time of year. Everyone has different ways of celebrating and refers to Oct. 31st by many different names, the most common being Halloween. One way of celebrating is by watching scary movies.

Philippine Remakes of Korean Dramas – Good Or Bad?

Have you ever found yourself watching a random television series on a Philippine channel? And as the story continues to unfold in this episode, do you begin to wonder why the storyline seems so familiar? And then the show stops to give way to a commercial break and you are greeted by the title of one of your favorite Korean dramas.

See Ya Hollywood – China Media on the Rise!

It looks like the Chinese want to take all of the United States top industries away. They are busy selling weapons systems to rogue nations trying to capitalize on the United States defense industry. They are also busy making electric cars to sell in the United States to compete with our automobile manufactures.

Why Are Korean Television Dramas So Addicting?

Have you ever wondered what makes Korean dramas so popular among Asians? Why do you think they stay glued to their television sets time and again to watch series after series that seem to follow the same old plot lines and twists?

Snow Queen Can Melt Even the Coldest Hearts

Snow Queen is one of the most underrated Korean TV dramas of all time. The leading actor and actress of the series did win awards for their excellent performances. However, the series did not fare as well in other countries in Asia. But really, you should watch this Korean drama.

Michael Moore’s Capitalism – A Love Story

Michael Moore’s latest film is called Capitalism: A Love Story and it reveals many disturbing truths about the outrageous disparity between the rich and everyone else in the United States. It is a film that every American should see.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street is an American horror film released in the year 1984. The film was written and directed by Wes Craven and was the first film of A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

Boys Over Flowers – Third Time’s the Charm?

If there is one Asian television drama that has stood the test of time in terms of popularity and relevance, it’s Boys Over Flowers. This Korean drama is currently a huge hit in countries all across Asia. But did you know that this series is actually the second remake of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden?