Know Your Favorite Celebrity Inside Out

Anyone who was born in the era of good music, good movies and good entertainment must have a favorite actor, musician, movie star or comedian and even directors among others. They are the celebrities that we all look up to and they have a way of getting in touch with our emotions. When you have a favorite celebrity, you are always curious to find out what they are up to, what they are working on and how they are leading their lives.

4 Great Pakistani Dramas to Watch in the Autumn of 2014

Whether you want to enjoy high-quality entertainment or simply to relax in the comfort of your home, the Pakistani dramas can be the perfect companions. You can select from a wide range of shows with unique and intriguing plots. In 2013, the industry did not perform as well as everyone expected and did not deliver any true masterpieces.

Famous Hair-Raising Data Center Film Scenes

The data center isn’t traditionally a place of action and adventure. However, films and television shows have started incorporating this setting into suspenseful and compelling scenes.

ST. VINCENT – A New Film Report

Have you ever stood up after a movie– where you have laughed a bit and choked up a little bit as well– and then you slowly sense an empty range of feelings from having been duped by the way the film was produced– to a hunch that it wasn’t great? There’s no question that a director can pull a small bit of wool over our eyes with movie scenes that may be sincere but don’t stand the test of real film honesty. Such is how I looked at the overall effect of St. Vincent.

Hot Real Estate Spots for the Movie Business

Often, filmmakers travel all over the country looking for the perfect spot to shoot their next project. However, some real estate properties are special enough to be reused in multiple movies.

JIMI (“ALL IS BY MY SIDE”) – A New Film Report

My humble guess is that John Ridley, the writer and director, just had to do a movie on Jimi Hendrix (come hell or high water) and would cease at nothing. Otherwise, how could this savvy director keep at it with less than a full script- particularly when the Hendrix estate heirs stood in the way of his using the iconic songs Hendrix fans so revered him for. Heirs spoiled it all… Yes, folks may be interested in the period that Hendrix thrived in– while he lived in London (from nineteen-sixty-six/ nineteen sixty-seven); but it’s the thrill of performance that lifts Jimi’s guitar from earth to way up there.

The Horror Show That Is the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a horror television show that is aired on AMC. It is based on the comic books of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It has several characters, but the main character is a deputy sheriff called Rick Grimes, who is played by Andrew Lincoln.

GONE GIRL – A New Film Report

“No one loses money UNDERESTIMATING America’s Intelligence.” This quote came to mind as I began to report on the movie, Gone Girl, which has countless critics raving– while I’m a bit saddened. America’s Intelligence (our “Material” Intelligence”) is the brightest, but when one speaks of our present “Spiritual Intelligence” I have to shake my head in disbelief. This movie does clearly show our material-superior ability to bring together the writer, Gillian Flynn; the director, David Fincher; two talented actors, Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck; some great background music– featuring Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; and Jeff Cronenweth who filmed Gone Girl. It upsets me that this much talent would go to producing what is in essence a movie that reaches the lowest level of awareness that I’ve seen of late.

Tamil Cinema News

Tamil Cinema News: The plot is easily relatable and this could well be y(our) story. Cricket is more of a religion than a sport in our country, and Suseenthiran has sketched a wonderful tale in the background of easily approachable yet a dream filled with mirage for many. Jeeva’s dream is to become a cricketer, but his dad cannot afford to accomplish his ambition initially. Just like others, Jeeva falls in love with Jenny and what happens to his love and ambition has been explained really well in this crispy 127 minute tale.

World War Z: What You Need To Know About This Epic Movie

Apocalyptic, thrilling, gory, insightful, scary and dramatic are a few of the adjectives that can describe the zombie movie called World War Z. It is based upon a novel that was written by Max Brooks in 2006.


I heard the other day that “Adolescence” now spans from twelve years of age up to twenty-eight years of age– rather than from twelve years up to nineteen. If you doubt that, see The Skeleton Twins! You will believe it then. Meet two such folks: Maggie-(played by Kristen Wiig) and Milo (who is undertaken by Bill Hader)–playing strange roles. They’re fraternal twins who grow up in a household where their father nicknames them The Skeleton Twins, and– lest they fail to inculcate his negative reinforcement–is kind enough to add ‘The Gruesome Twosome’. How’s that for grooming kids’ self-esteem?

Inspirations – Just Dance Review 4th September 2011

The topic of this review is inspiration, but one who is reading might just find the initial half of this post very much uninspiring. Please hang on, to get to the good part.