Popular Medical Series ER Comes to an End

It’s been a long series run for the popular medical drama “ER”. The series is based in a Chicago hospital, and follows the travails of the medical staff and their experiences at work. The original series was based around a movie script by the late screenwriter and author Michael Crichton – who is best known for his book, Jurassic Park.

Reginald Perrin – His Life and Our Times – BBC One Fridays 9:30 PM

Several years ago, I stood at the foot of a sheer rock face in southern Turkey, looking up, rather dizzily, at hundreds of tombs – small caves – hewn out of its solid stone surface during an ancient era previously unfamiliar to me. From what I’d gathered, these pockets had been chiselled from the rock by stonemasons – slaves – suspended on ropes controlled by other slaves on the cliff-tops. Heaven only knows what must have happened on days where the rope-bearers had a migraine or a touch of Turkish tummy – or any kind of grudge.

Want a New Face?

It seems like the world in the past few years has been inundated with self-improvement shows. When these programs first went on the air every channel wanted a piece of the phenomenal ratings. Audiences everywhere wanted to see what a team of experts and professionals could do to make one individual into someone who they wanted to become, someone that the society envisioned they would become. All of these shows basically contain the same premise; “I want to look and feel like someone else, someone who’s prettier, happier and livelier than me.”

Is LCD Set to Take Over the Television World?

While some television fans might think that bigger is always better, new numbers are showing that television viewers are shelling out less for a plasma screen to watch their favourite programmes on. And that decline has led to a demand for smaller screens. LCD screens are moving up in the market world, as customers embrace the fact that LCD’s can be purchased in a variety of sizes and configurations.

DVD Rental by Mail – An Overview

The DVD rental industry has revolutionized the entire concept of movie-viewing. In the present day scenario, people prefer DVD mail rentals to renting DVDs in the old-fashioned way.

Celebrity Pics 08

Celebrity Pics were all over the hottest celebrity magazines and websites in 2008 and we look back at some of the best celebrity pictures and photo shoots from the previous year. We saw many Celebrities try out new dresses and gorgeous fashions we haven’t seen before such as Michelle Obama’s stylish outfits and more.

Romances on Reality TV

Reality TV offers shows where you expect romance and love. This article talks about the shows where you would expect romance and some shows you would not expect.

Hugh Jackman’s Trainer For X-Men Origins – Wolverine

For his latest film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hugh Jackman selected his friend from college days, Michael Ryan, as his personal trainer. Jackman, who was the best man at Ryan’s wedding recently, flew Michael Ryan down to Australia to train him for what many consider to be his best physical conditioning ever! Read this article and discover the secrets that Hugh Jackman trainer, Michael Ryan revealed to him!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Dubai International Film Festival

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) was launched in December 2004 under the theme “Bridging Cultures. Meeting Minds”, highlighting the willingness of organizations to promote the film through understanding and mutual respect between different communities and nations. In 2006, the festival had launched the Muhr Award for excellence in Arab cinema, in order to acknowledge the Arab filmmakers of the world both regionally and internationally. In 2008, the Muhr Award have been expanded to include films from Africa and Asia.

The Role of Toll Free Numbers in Reality Programs

It is not surprising if the popularity of toll free numbers have grown since its introduction. Almost all well known companies utilize them and today, the rise of reality television shows have also added to its ever growing fame.

The House Formula

I kind of like Gregory House, MD. And who doesn’t? House is one of the most popular TV shows that has catapulted Fox network to lead the popularity ratings (along with 24 and other shows). The quirky, obnoxious and ill mannered medical genius has become everybody’s dream doctor.

Everything You Need to Know About X-Men in Preparation For Wolverine Origins

Wolverine Origins is the next comic blockbuster to take the screen. Read this article so you are prepared for this epic movie.