3 Hot Tips To Get Your Screen Play Selected By Hollywood Studio Executives

One of the most important aspects of any great screenplay is to get your screenplay noticed by as many TV Show agents and Movie Film executives possible. Marketing your screenplay thus becomes an essential ingredient for the fast track to your success. Using the following tips can help you get noticed faster

Powerful Images in Classic Movie Posters that Launched Actors to Stardom

How classic movie poster images and photographs have later become iconic for the lead stars.

The Truman Show – A Metaphorical Analysis

Jim Carrey’s 1998 film entitled “The Truman Show” is a film rich in life-related metaphors.

It Has Never Been So Easy To See Movies In Delhi

Movies in Delhi are not difficult to watch these days, all thanks to these search service providers. If you have an internet enabled computer, your task of finding out information and location about movie theaters, malls, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants and amusement park becomes a lot easier.

Some Advice For A Young Actor

I was contacted recently by a young actor who was desperate for a solution to a problem he was having. He had landed a role in a play, but he feared for his job. He said that he wasn’t doing well in the play, his acting was not on, the director was losing patience with him and he wanted to know what to do. His acting career wasn’t getting off to a good start…

D-War: Ambition of Korean Monster to Invade U.S.A

Reviews of new korean monster movie D-War

Free iPod Movie Downloads – Where to Get Them

iPod is a very versatile piece of gadget. Although originally designed as a digital audio player and the best selling digital audio player, iPod is not just limited to audio files. iPod is a multimedia player and you can even watch movies anywhere, anytime when you have an iPod. While it is cool to enjoy your favorite movies using your iPod, you also have to be smart where to get free iPod movie downloads to maximize the capability of your iPod.

Movies and Music – Take Us To A Different World

Today, we have learned to include this music into another entertainment which can be made equally effective the moving pictures or movies as now these are called. Movies too had a similar effect. These provided good clean entertainment to all. The advent of movies created an upheaval in entertainment industry.

The Best TV Shows to Watch in Syndication

These days, it seems that shows really never go off the air – they live forever in syndication. It’s not exactly the same, with every show labeled a “rerun” and being one you have likely seen (or maybe have memorized), but syndicated shows allow our favorite series to exist in places other than our hearts. Still, syndication isn’t for every show, or at least it shouldn’t be. The following is our list of the Best TV Shows to Watch in Syndication, shows that are constantly just as funny and just as endearing as they ever were.

Herge Creator of Tintin The Final Years

The upcoming Tintin movie trilogy to be released by Spielberg and Jackson in 2009 will be big business. The world of Tintin isn’t well known by American audiences as Tintin was created just after Mickey Mouse. Tintin will gain a new following in The States. This article describes the genius behind the cartoon character.

Did Michael Moore Go Too Far With SiCKO?

This film is frightening and at times extremely funny. Michael Moore manages to expertly push the audience in shock and makes everyone feel like something needs to be done. I guess I feel this is a good idea, almost everyone knows of a health insurance nightmare and in many peoples opinions medical care is just too expensive but personally I had severe problems with certain aspects of Michael Moore’s techniques.

Charley – A Love/Hate Relationship? (BIG BROTHER 8)

As soon as Charley left the car to enter the big brother house she was awaited with boo’s from the crowd, the viewers perception of her hasn’t really changed much since then either with weekly chants stating “Get Charley out!” so this leads us to wonder why hasn’t she been evicted already? The fact is that the public haven’t been given the chance to evict her as she hasn’t once been up for nominations until this week… this poses a further question… WHY?