Getting Ahead and Seeing Beyond With Motion Picture Previsualization

The motion picture previsualization is now an indispensable digital tool not only in the pre-production phase but also during the production and post-production phases of a motion picture project. It is now an essential application that will establish the technical feasibility and the appeal of the sequences to be done in the actual shoot.

Where to Find Doctor Who MP3s

Are you looking for the Doctor Who Mp3s and can’t seem to find them? Read on to be able to to find out where to download them.

How to Get a Free Cinema Ticket

Orange mobile phone are currently offering a great deal if you enjoy going to the movies but would like to find a way to reduce the cost of your tickets. With their offer you can purchase one full price ticket and get the second ticket completely free. This offer applies to all participating cinemas and you can see any film on any Wednesday. All you have to do is to follow this step by step guide.

Americans Love Good Car Movies

There seems to be something about car movies that Americans really like. Have you noticed all the movies that are primarily based on cars? They’re all over! Movies like Bullitt and Smokey and the Bandit are classic ones that have spawned their own generation of car fanatics.

Star Trek Movie Merchandise and Collectibles

A look at a selection of the official merchandise released at the same time as the new Star Trek blockbuster feature film. Clear some space on the bridge and start collecting!

Scarface the Movie

There is no doubt that the movie Scarface is a classic. This movie is one of my favorites because it reminds me what real men are suppose to be like. Tony is full of confidence. You have to respect a guy that is that tough. Tony in Scarface fights all the way to the end. Sure he is heartless, but to be that hard you don’t have time for heart felt conversions.

Do You Ever Feel Like Your Not Up on Current Events?

While flipping through channels last night at around 1:00 or so in the morning, I stumbled across this channel called Current TV. It is based on the social website in which users submitted content and then vote on it and the winners a placed on the TV channel to appear.

“Up” Premiers at Cannes With Fans Wearing Circular Polarized 3D Glasses

The audience donned Circular Polarized 3D glasses as they attended the premiere of Pixar’s “Up,” an animation in 3D, which marked the beginning of world’s most distinguished film festival. It is the first time in the festival’s 62-year history that Cannes has opened with an animation. “Up” will show out of competition.

The Effect of ‘Star Wars’

The effect that the movies have had on the film industry should not be underestimated. The original ‘Star Wars’ made a good deal of its rival movies look laughable on its release. The special effects really were cutting-edge and many other films of that period just could not compete. The science fiction film world needed to catch up very quickly and it knew it.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Title Origins and Controversy Surrounding Emmy Nominated Drama Series

Grey’s Anatomy, taking its name of course from the medical book Gray’s Anatomy, written by Henry Gray and first published in 1858 in the United Kingdom 1859 in the United States. Originally airing as a replacement for ABC’s Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy made its debut on March 27, 2005. Since then the show has seen a great deal of success, and it is currently in its fifth season.

This Summer’s Movies – A Good Reason to Stay Outdoors?

This past Sunday, the venerable New York Times issued a special section on upcoming movie releases for the critical summer season. Before laying out what we have to look forward to, the first page featured a series of “Memos to Hollywood” from critics A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis.

A Movie Catalog System Helps Actors Study Their Craft

Being an actor is not as simple as it looks. While the paparazzi make actors and actresses look like they have it all, the truth is that becoming a well-respected actor takes time, patience, and a lot of self-education. Sure, you might take classes in acting and in theater, but you also need to practice your craft on your own. A movie catalog can help you with this learning process. After all, watching the most famous actors and actresses can help you see what you admire in their performances and what you might change were you in their shoes at the time of filming.