With Friends Like These

Can the BBC recover its reputation since its top two performers pulled a defamatory and juvenile stunt on actor Andrew Sachs? Where does that leave the reputation of the two performers themselves?

Promoting Your Film – 14 Low Cost Tips

It might be easy to make a film if you have the talent, but attracting the audience to watch the same can be tricky. Here are some inexpensive and simple means to promote your film effectively.

Audio for Films – 10 Easy Tips

The audios in the films involve a lot of technical expertise and knowledge. This area needs a lot of attention in order to make the film successful. Here are some tips to make your film’s audios better.

Shop Till You Plop – In Front of a Flat Screen!

Commercial flat screen installations are really taking off in urban centers as more and more screens are being installed in bars, restaurants, malls, shops, airports, beauty salons, waiting rooms, boardrooms and on and on. Many people are against the idea of ‘idiot boxes’ being so intrusively prevalent everywhere, but there is much to be said for a silver screen at every turn of the head.

Silent Movies Stage a Comeback

More entertainment-seekers are watching silent films today than at any time since the mid-1930s. Silent film festivals and TV broadcasts have awakened audience interest to such an extent that DVD sales of silent movies are booming.

Family Guy New Brian Joins the Family

Learn how Old Brian feels about Family Guy New Brian. Also find out what Stuart and Megan think.

Kendra Engaged to Hank Baskett – Does Hugh Hefner Care?

How does Hugh Hefner feel about Kendras engagement to Hank. From the nest to the eagle you’ll find out here.

How Powerful Has the Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Become

Everybody wants to be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Writers, Politicians, Actors, and more. He has also been responsible for having shows canceled like CNN’s Crossfire. This 7 time winner of the Emmy probably has more power than he ever thought possible.

Quantum of Solace – What a Disappointment

I watched the much-anticipated James Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace’ recently and I have to say that on the whole I was quite disappointed. I left the cinema feeling slightly let down and ended up reminiscing about the days of Connery, Moore and Brosnan.

Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies But Does He Resurface?

For those not in the loop, Ghost Whisperer produced with John Gray is a Television Drama played by Jim Clancy who is David Conrad in real life. Jim is Melinda Gordon’s husband in this American fantasy Television series. Many people are wondering how Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies, who was ultimately responsible for his death and will this be the last we see of Jim?

The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

Unlike most Christmas movies, which have come and gone over the past 30 years, “A Christmas Story” remains a staple for most families during Christmas time. In fact, the only other movie that can compare to its ever-lasting appeal would have to be “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Read more…..

Lady in the Water Review

Lady in the Water is an M. Night Shyamalan film, but not a typical film of his. Normally immersed within the horror/thriller/fantasy genres, this movie diverges from his usual vein. Lady in the Water is strictly a fairy tale. It tells the story of a man, a landlord named Cleveland Heep, who discovers a nymph named Story. Together with his tenants, he helps her with her mission and they all discover their own destinies along the way.