Spaceship Design

In every sci-fi movie or scientific space documentary I’ve seen (or at least most of them) the spacecraft used for the interstellar travel has a needle shape or something similar to airplanes today. Perhaps some other inventive shape is used but invariably they all have the propulsion unit at the back end.

Add Fresh Excitement to Your Routine With Satellite TV

Creatures of habit, people tend to stick to the same general schedule during the workweek. Offices run on schedules. Setting up specific timeframes for personal responsibilities can help you reach goals and measure progress. Yet when it comes to television watching, DVR receivers make it possible to break from routine. Best of all, when you add satellite TV to the equation, it becomes much easier to spice things up whenever daily activities start slipping towards boredom.

Punjabification of Bollywood

Punjabification of Bollywood is not a new trend that is evident only in the latest Bollywood movies. The upbeat and celebratory Punjabi culture has always been an overplayed theme in Bollywood.

Going To The Movies: What You Should Be Aware Of

Have you ever gone to the movies and sat behind someone who just wore too much perfume or cologne? The scent can take over the whole theater. It is very noticeable when someone is wearing perfume indoors.

Top Movies to Wait for On Satellite TV

In the last few months, a number of excellent movies have debuted on American screens all across the state of Virginia, from the suburbs of Washington DC like Falls Church and McLean, to the suburbs of Norfolk like Portsmouth and Chesapeake to the small hill towns in the west outside of Blacksburg and Roanoke. They have made audiences laugh, and they have made audiences cry. Many of them have been nominated for Academy Awards. What they all have in common is that they are some of the best movies of late 2010 and early 2011. But you cannot simply pay to see all of them in theaters. First of all, who has that kind of time? You would have to go see two movies a week to get to them all while they are still in theaters near you. Plus, going to the movies is expensive! A ticket these days can cost more than $10 for one person. And that does not even include popcorn or drinks or other snacks, nor does it include parking or gas, etc. By the end of a standard movie outing, you can be $20 in the hole, per person!

The Great Success of Sex and the City Series and Movies Around the World – Its Meaning for All of Us

In the movies world, both the Sex and the City series and movies are like in the shoes world Jimmy Choo Shoes, or like in the universe of jewelries Tiffany’s. That means in our universe the dream universe. With the 4 best friends of the movie- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte- we feel like our lives is changing, our fantasies get wings and all of a sudden, everything seems easier, pinker, more beautiful. So I ask myself: is this movie a successful one? And I will answer with a proper and sincere YES!

James Bond Characters: The Supporting People in 007’s World

A variety of James Bond characters have featured in the 007 movies. Some have provided vital support to Bond in the field whilst others work at MI6 in the British Secret Service. The main recurring characters in 007’s world are M, Miss Moneypenny, Q and Felix Leiter.

The Brit Awards 2011 – Minor Celebs On A Massive Stage?

The 02 is becoming the venue of choice for more and more award ceremonies and the 2011 Brit Awards were the latest to fall under its hypnotic laser spell last night. But the problem is that this magnificent setting seems to dwarf everything and everyone that climbs onto its stage.

Saturday Night Fever: Musical or Movie?

An essay on the 1979 film Saturday Night Fever and its validity as a musical. Belton’s textbook “American Film” is used as a reference.

Vishal Bharadwaj

Vishal Bharadwaj can be placed in the ranks of those prominent and multi faceted personalities of Bollywood who have made a mark in the Indian film history. His creativity seems to have no bound.

Aamir Turns Anti Hero With Dhoom 3

The latest B town buzz is that our cool Dhobi Ghat Dude is all ready to kick the storms in the Yashraj’s next flick “Dhoom 3”. Aamir seems to be following footsteps of John and Hrithik. Though, he has played a character with grey shades before in Deepa Mehta’s “1947 Earth”, but D 3 will be his first full fledged negative character in a huge budget commercial film and that too with Dharma Productions.

Justice League

Justice League: Mortal film is out in 2013 and has already created a buzz in the box office and in fancy dress retailers. More and more people are dressing up as the famous characters to their fnacy dress parties.