Watching the Mentalist Videos Puts Audiences in With the Mystery

Not too many shows, unlike the Mentalist videos, place the spectator in almost the same feeling of excitement and anxiety felt by the protagonist in solving the puzzles and mysteries in the episode. Simon Baker stars as Patrick Jane, a former entertainer feigning psychic abilities and other mind-reading tricks, and now offers his services to the California Bureau of Investigation or CBI. While his boss is strictly by the book and rule-based, Patrick’s actions and movements are spontaneous and more often bounds on the side of risk and danger.

Tron – The Legend Returns

An appreciation of the cult classic Tron movie from Disney. With the sequel finally moving forward, let’s take a look at what made the original so special.

Battlestar Galactica Razor Shows Past of Cain and Adama

The special two hours of television film which also is part of the final season is Battlestar Galactica Razor, an attempt to be a stand-alone story but serves to connect the gap between the abrupt end of season 3 and the start of season 4. Coincidentally, Razor serves as the first few episodes of the season, dwelling on some back story including a peek at the past where Admiral Adama was still a hotshot Viper pilot. Major Kendra Shaw is Lee Adama’s new XO is troubled by her past.

6 Movies Worth Seeing Now

Now is a great time to go to the movies. In the last weeks of 2008, the Hollywood studios released their best pictures of the year so that these films would be uppermost in people’s minds during the awards season, which is already under way. These high-quality movies will also likely stick around in theaters a little while longer than they might at other times of the year, which makes it easier to get out to see them.

Versions and Functions of TV Computer Cables

A TV computer cable is a cord connecting a computer and a television to enable display of images from the monitor on the television. This way, you can enjoy watching internet television or insert your favorite DVDs in your computer’s drive and watch the show on TV.

Are You the Next James Bond?

If you are someone who has decided that you are secret agent material, you need to make sure you have the right qualities to be successful in the information business. Here are a few guidelines so that you can confirm you are on the right track.

Marilyn Monroe Movies

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 as Norma Jeane Mortensen. At the age of sixteen she married her fist husband, James Dougherty. When he was away in the Merchant Marines, Marilyn was discovered at a Munitions Factory where she was working. The rest, as they say, is history.

My Bloody Valentine 3D – Bloody Bad But Bloody Fun

I admit that I have a history with the original My Bloody Valentine released in 1981. I must have watched it at least half a dozen times on HBO as I was making the boyhood journey through puberty with the help of Cable TV. Even as a kid I thought it was pretty damned silly.

Battlestar Galactica Explodes Into It’s Final Stretch of Episodes

It’s an amazing thing how a show can change direction so suddenly so many times over several years and still maintain its momentum. In the case of Battlestar Galactica we once again leave a 60 minute block of time in a completely different place than we started it. Where we left the mid-season finale asking ourselves “now what” with Sometimes a Great Notion we’re getting a clear picture that this show has no intention to “wind down” quietly.

Steve McQueen – Lost Motorcycle Discovered

When Husqvarna enthusiast and specialist Rob Phillips picked up this 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross for $1500.00 in February 2008 it was “just another bike” that he planned on restoring, but pretty soon, following the bike’s paper trail, including original sales documents and the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, he discovered that he had in fact purchased a bike once owned by Hollywood legend and racing enthusiast Steve McQueen.

Defiance Review – Nothing Too Special

If you absolutely lost everything from your parents to your wife and children, what would you do? Would you go fight and kill blood for blood or would you instead help other Jews so this would not happen to no other family? Well its a reality for Tuvia Bielski (Daniel Craig) and Zus Bielski ( Levi Schreiber) both Jewish brothers who lost both parents and wife’s and children to Nazi soldiers.

The Growing Trend of Adults Buying Classic Children’s DVDs

If you go online and look at some of the children’s DVDs that are available you will be presented with a wide choice of modern TV shows, but you will also see lots of classic shows from previous decades. This is not unusual because more and more adults are snapping up these DVDs for themselves.