Online DVD Rental – Netflix Or Blockbusters?

You might think that the online DVD rental market was saturated, and that there a no customers left for the DVD rental companies to fight over, but you would be wrong. The companies are still attracting thousands of new customers every day despite the number of people who have already signed up to use their services. The two biggest players in this market are Netflix and Blockbusters, and they account for the vast majority of DVDs that are rented online – but which one is best, and how do the two services compare?

Fox Vs Time Warner Cable – More Revenues For Fox – Higher Rates For Consumers

Two giants in the telecommunications industry battle publicly over Retransmission Consent. Both Fox and Time Warner Cable have let cooler heads prevail in their war over money to be doled out in fees to Fox by extending their negotiations beyond the Dec 31, 2009 deadline.

The Five Best Films of 2009

With 2009 nothing more than a mere flashback now, we take a look at the five best films that the year had to offer. It’s not the Oscars by any means, but if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these wonderfully entertaining films yet, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Family Guy – Is the Popular Animated Series Losing Steam?

When Family Guy originally premiered back in 2000, my initial feelings towards the animated show were that of extreme adoration. I was an immature high schooler who soon began spreading the word about this new “Simpsons-esque” cartoon that was somehow falling through the cracks. After the show was cancelled, I was one of the millions of people who purchased the first two DVD volumes, which ultimately lead to Fox resurrecting the show.

Bruno – Ridiculously Immature, Extremely Vulgar and Kind of Funny

When Bruno was released in theaters, I couldn’t wait to buy my ticket. After all, it was the new brainchild from Sacha Baron Cohen, the comical genius who exposed America’s chewy, racist center in all of its ignorant glory with the outrageously hilarious Borat. So how on earth could Bruno, Cohen’s big follow up, not be equally as outrageous and funny? Unfortunately, to my dismay, Cohen and the other filmmaker’s focused too much of their creative energy on the outrageous part and laid up on the funny.

Sherlock Holmes – The Iconic Character Returns to the Big Screen in Guy Ritchie’s New Film

In his new film, Robert Downey Jr. finds himself portraying one of American literature’s most famed fictional heroes; the brilliantly clever, pipe-smoking detective Sherlock Holmes. Warner Brothers has brought the iconic hero and his adventures back to the big screen for their new film, aptly titled Sherlock Holmes, which opened everywhere during the Christmas weekend and looks to give the timeless character something of a makeover in the eyes of American moviegoers.

The Death of Old Hollywood

1946 was a bumper year for Hollywood – demobbed soldiers were eager for films to entertain them and their dates. after the uncertain war years. That year American cinemas sold more than 4000 million tickets and produced a total box office take of just under $1700 million. That figure would not be matched until 1974 when cinemas sold only a quarter of the number of tickets but inflation made things look better than they truly were.

Nollywood – Nigeria’s Film Industry!

While in the USA the film industry is known as Hollywood, in the case of Nigeria the film industry is Nollywood. In terms of value of the movies and quantity of movies produced on a yearly basis, the Nigerian cinema industry is the largest one in Africa and it can also be compared to Hollywood or Bollywood.

The Most Anticipated Films in the Near Future

As a film critic, I’m always looking for new pieces of cinema that will grip me, exhilarate me and leave me with something to think about for the days, months and years after seeing it. There have been some fantastic films released within the ‘noughties’ (2000-2009), and now that the new decade is upon us, I am excited for the many future films that I have watched being developed over recent years.

Patrick Stewart, Who Played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Starship Enterprise, Knighted!

Patrick Stewart, veteran science fiction actor, was knighted by the Queen on Thursday, December 31, 2009. The 69-year-old actor, who has been in theater and film for over half a century, was awarded the knighthood as part of Britain’s New Year Honours List.

Review of Brillante Mendoza’s Kinatay

The exciting part in Brillante Mendoza’s Kinatay is not the murder and body-part dispatch of the female drug dealer-victim (played by Isabel Lopez). It is the flat-tire ending, a baffling moment for Peping, the main character played by Coco Martin. The movie begins with a wedding.

Avatar – The 3D Experience – A Review

There haven’t been many movie experiences in my life that I’ve been able to tell much of a difference, technologically speaking, in the way the movies have been made. For the most part, movie making has been fairly seamless in the advances in technology. Of course there are exceptions, the development of the digital movie camera, movies shot entirely in front of a green screen, and motion capture technology.