Cheap DVD Players – Experience Entertainment That Was Never Possible Before

DVD players have overcome the limitations of conventional modes of playing songs and videos. They can play videos in any format. This is the reason why they are being used on such a large scale everywhere in the world.

Out of Tune – The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Doesn’t Kim remember how after Nene was humiliated at Sheree’s party she still showed up the following day to Kim’s daughters’ party? Nene began singing a not-so-nice song about Kim’s singing career. Can she sing or can’t she?

The Vicar of Dibley Series – Why is it So Popular?

The Vicar of Dibley is a hugely popular British sitcom about a female vicar who moves into a small English countryside village and becomes their new vicar, much to the the surprise (and disapproval) of the parishioners. It doesn’t sound like a smash hit but it was recently voted one of the best British sitcoms of all time, so why is it so popular?

Dr. Ted Baehr Interview – His MovieGuide Has Broken the Stranglehold of Hollywood Perversity

In the 1970s there were virtually no family movies, following closure of the Protestant Film Office in 1966. Dr. Ted Baehr and his MovieGuide have done more to clean up Hollywood in past 20 years that any other man.

DVD on US Constitution Exposes the 3 Signs of Historical Revisionism Among Christians

“Ismellarat – An Anti-Federalist Interpretation of American History”, DVD Documentary challenges the U. S. Constitution as a Christian document thesis. The film charges contemporary Christian historians with “baptizing” the Federalist position of James Madison in a form of Christian historical revisionism.

Nigeria Actors – Artistes Fusion

Have you noticed in recent times, especially in hte last 4 years, the movement of some Nollywood stars into the Nigerian music industry? Perhaps, the ban placed on some members of Nollywood some few years ago might have been responsible for this. Notice I used the word “Might”.

How Casino Royale Saved the Bond Franchise

This article focuses on the James Bond movie Casino Royale and how it managed to reinvigorate a franchise that had gotten off path. Also comparisons are made between what Casino Royale did for the Bond franchise and what Batman Begins did for the Batman movies.

How to Get on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

If you ever wondered just how to get yourself (or someone you know) on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this article is a must read. It explains the process and gives out a link to the sought after application form for the show.

Strictly Come Dancing – The John Sargeant Saga Continues

The Strictly Come Dancing audience gasped and the judges looked shell shocked when John Sargeant and his partner Kristina Rihanoff went through to the next round. We have had this situation before when the Judges felt that a pair should be out of the competition but they were never in a dance-off. The actor Christopher Palmer even got to the final and week after week the voting public kept Fiona Phillips of GMTV in the previous series.

Sex and the City

Sex and the city was a hit television show which premiered first in the year 1998 and the last show of this part comedy part drama was aired in 2004. This television series was based on the book by Candace Bushnell “Sex and the City”. Sex and the city: The story of four young women professionals The series portrayed the lives of four young women professionals living in New York City and their search for sex, love, passion and maybe a perfect relationship.

Become the Spielberg of Camcorders by Following These Amazing Shooting Tips

With recent advances in technology, the once very technical and specialized activities of photography and film making are now easily within reach for the casual practitioner. No more hours spent on continuous practice on various complicated angles and lighting techniques, the advent of the digital age means that what once took years to perfect can be done so in a matter of weeks with the right dedication, practice, talent and gear. The many camcorders that are coming out recently with their user friendly features and high quality shots can make any amateur look like a pro with just a few days out on the field.

Alice in Wonderland Movie in Production

This remake of a classic will have CGI and live action in the film. Johnny Depp will star as the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway will play the White Queen.