The Road

Don’t waste your time or money seeing this movie! When a screenplay is poorly written, even the best actors can’t save it.

The Keeper Review

Ah, yes, Steven Seagal. For anyone who loves to watch action movies, his best period in the genre would be the 80’s and early 90’s with films such as “Above the Law”, “Hard to Kill”, “Out to Justice”, and “Under Siege 1 and 2”. These films were the most success of his career and as of now has grossed 923 million dollars around the world and has define his character as “The Action Hero”.

Lessons to Be Learned From Avatar

Amidst all the action, 3D effects and looking like Woody Allen in my 3D glasses, the one thing that stood out for me from the film Avatar was this line: “All energy is borrowed. Someday we must give it back” Ignoring the tedious Gung-Ho subplot, this film made me think about life, and the world that we live in. There are so many things wrong with our planet – the violence, illness, disease, cruelty, not to mention the natural disasters that we can’t avoid.

Are You Interested in Celebrity Gossip?

The personal lives of celebrities are always on the spotlight. Everyday you would hear a new celebrity gossip. This is due to the fascination of people all over the world on what is happening with the lives of their favorite stars.

Celebrity Gossip – Credible Yellow Journalism

Celebrity gossip columns are shedding their reputation of being dubious. Celeb gossip sites are diving deep to come out with credible news items. Entertainments news portals are laying stress on credibility, even paparazzi scoops are not cooked up. Check out this new age phenomenon in this article.

Why President Reagan Earned the Title, the ‘Gipper’

Ronald Regan was one of America’s presidents. He was an actor first before he became the president. One of the famous roles he portrayed was the character called, the “Gipper”.

The Fresh Beat Band Songs and TV Show Just Makes Kids Dance

The TV show for kids called The Fresh Beat Band, on Nick Jr, is a very original show that has kids dancing. Combining singing, dancing, with some fun skits, kids seem to really love it.

Discover Innovation Training For Inventors in a Cartoon

One of the more pleasant surprises of 2007 was the release of Disney and Pixar’s Meet the Robinsons. Meant to be educational as well as entertaining, it literally offers grad student level lessons about the nature of innovation and the process of inventing cloaked in an easily accessible comedic animated feature. The central character in the cartoon is Lewis, a brilliant kid who’s an inventor and an orphan.

Memorable Film Kisses of All Time

Movie kisses add flavor to any film; especially if we have been rooting for the male and female leads to get together throughout the movie. The internet is a treasure trove of the best movie kisses of all time and we can even check if our favorites have made the cut.

How to Use an Online DVD Database

An online DVD database is one of the easiest tools to use when you need to know who the actor is in a movie or you want to find out other information. While there are many DVD databases from which to choose, you will want to learn how to effectively and quickly use these systems to generate the results you need. By learning how to use an online DVD database, you can begin to understand better how movies work and how entertainment is created.

Edward Lifesize Standup – The Epitome of Must Haves

Okay, so you are among the many millions of people addicted to Edward. Either you, or someone you know is desperately in love with the idea of an Edward in their life. Why not bring him into your life on a semi-permanent basis?

Shahid – Back to Old School With Paathshaala

Paathshaala revolves around school children set in a school campus. It highlights the pros and cons of our Indian education system and the trials and tribulations which a child faces due to this.