A Look at Great Films of 2008 and Batman the Dark Knight is Film of the Year

2008 has been an awesome year for blockbuster films. A variety of great movies have been released that are just waiting to be added to your DVD and BluRay collection. Batman’s new movie The Dark Knight has been named as the best film of the year by fans, but let’s take a look at the contenders that narrowly missed out.

Be Like George Samson – Dance on TV

Do you wish you could be a famous dancer like George Samson, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent? Find out how you can become a TV dancer like him.

The BBC Get Complaints With Strictly Scoring

The show which caused a lot of controversy this year with its on show and off show antics has again caused a wave of complaints by its viewers by cancelling a dance off vote. The show which is due to go into its end week has now put three contestants into the final rather than the initial two. The confusion arose when the show decided to let the public vote on all three contestants, although Holby City actor Tom Chambers could not have been saved from the dance off because of the low marks that he…

Fun With a Movie Catalog

Making a movie catalog can be big fun whether you have only a few DVDs or you have an entire wall full of movies. If it sounds complicated and like something you’d rather avoid, then you’re probably picturing lists, spreadsheets or databases that it takes time to format properly. Or you’re picturing hours and hours of typing all the information into those lists and spreadsheets. But with the right movie catalog software, you won’t have to format anything, and you’ll only have to type in a keyword to find your movie. Then with a click or two, your movie’s listed.

Twilight – The Devilishly Handsome Harry Potter With Fangs?

Just because Halloween 2008 has come and gone does not mean that you have to give up your fair share of Vampire lovin’. Twilight, the first book in the Twilight Series authored by Stephenie Meyer, is now Twilight the major motion picture movie! So far the film has been well received by critics and there is speculation that the Twilight Series could fill the imminent void that will be left by the demise of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

The Crucial Mindset and “Golden Habit” of Hollywood’s Most Successful Screenwriters

If you had to pinpoint the single mental quality that separates successful screenwriters from those who fall by the wayside, it would come down to one word: And it’s not what you think. It’s not “ambition,” “connections,” or “talent.” The word is… decision.

DVD Review of Ugly Betty Season 2

America Ferrara who plays the role of Betty Suarez has taken the age old adage of inner beauty to new heights. This makes this television show hot and fresh; never stale. Hard lessons are learned, devilish schemes are concocted and splashes of humor are thrown in where you don’t expect them.

DVD Review of Boston Legal Season 4

David E. Kelley can make you hope and believe in anything. Wilds antics definitely ensue with this quirky cast of characters. Season 4 will have you engaged from beginning to end.

What’s the Buzz About Actress Sophie Okonedo?

Sophie Okonedo is considered to be one of the hottest actresses around today. Who is Sophie Okonedo? Sophie Okonedo played opposite Don Cheadle and was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress.

Science Fiction Throughout the Ages and Into the Future

The evolution of science fiction movies over the last 50 years can be attributed to much more than the advances in special effects and movie-making technology (although those changes have had an effect); the biggest influence on scifi during this time period are the events that occurred in the real world. These past five decades leading up to today have been subject to an ever-accelerating onslaught of technological achievements and world-changing events.

Shirtless Male Celebrities on the Big Screen – A Hollywood Enterprise

What do 300 and Troy have in common? Aside from being considered as two of the most buzz-worthy historical/epic films that showcase the best choreographed fight scenes in the history of the big screen, these movies showcase the most profitable trump card that a film could ever use to monopolize colossal viewership and box office success—featuring shirtless male celebrities on screen. This proved to be a good move for these films considering the millions of dollars they earned during the first few weeks of release.

Bee Movie Coming to Satellite TV in High-Definition

The animated Bee Movie is now available on Satellite TV. This movie became available April 25 in both standard-def and high-definition formats. This film is a delightful family film rated PG. This film was produced by DreamWorks Animation.