Why Demand a DVD Rental Free Trial From Blockbuster?

Films are deeply etched in the subconscious of many people across the globe and they are certainly appreciated by a lot of people. But, isn’t it an expensive affection? Going for the movies is a costly affair certainly, but it is also quite costly to buy movie DVDs.

The Much Anticipated Twilight Saga – New Moon DVD Release

Twilight New Moon fans all over the world are awaiting the New Moon DVD Release. The only movie over the last 12 months that could possibly top ‘Twilight’ in terms of popularity is the second in the Twilight Saga: ‘New Moon’. Twilight was the hottest DVD release of 2009 selling over 3 million copies just on the first day of its release alone. The New Moon DVD Release is expected to be even hotter with many sure to pre-order so they don’t miss out.

Klingons, Bat’leths and Politics

Star Trek Klingon are a humanoid race of warriors who live for battle and honor. Their appearance is humanoid with rigid foreheads, beards, mustaches and long hair. The bony appearance varies by family line. They are an incredibly resilient race as they do not require lungs, stomachs or livers. They have no tear ducts and have lavender/pink colored blood. Star trek Klingon have a lifespan of about 150 years. They are able to interbreed with the human species and Romulans.

5 Tips to Buying a Charmed Book of Shadows Replica

The Charmed replica book is the most sought after piece of memorabilia from the Charmed show. Here are 5 great tips for getting your own special piece of the Charmed history.

What’s the Deal With Twilight?

So what is the big deal with Twilight? Sure Edward is hot, but Vampires have BLOWN up this year. Here are some of my idea’s of why Vampires are so interesting to us mortal humans.

How to Buy Klingon Weapons For Sale

If you are looking to buy weapons from the Klingon heritage you will probably want to find out as much information about them as possible before you make your purchase. Klingon is a race of humanoids from the adventurous episodes of Star Trek. They have a culture immersed in battle and ceremony and honor is their form of currency, at least metaphorically speaking.

Quintin Tarantino – What is He Doing These Days?

Quintin Tarantino has been writing, directing and producing great films for over twelve years. This 46 year old genius found his passion for filmmaking during the years he spent working at a video rental store. Find out more – read below.

William Shatner – What is He Doing These Days?

William Shatner remains very active despite being in his seventies already. His acting resume is truly one of the best ones out there. He has one numerous acting awards, including two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. He has proven that he is not a one-dimensional actor who is just confined to his role in the Star Trek franchise. He has graced various hit TV series, including The Practice and Boston Legal. He currently keeps himself busy with writing, and becoming a voice over for the Star Trek games.

Kristen Stewart – And the Making of “The Runaways” Movie

Many of you remember her as Bella Swan, the love interest of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black in the Twilight saga. She is the actress behind the sweet and mysterious girl who lives is Forks, Washington, who seems to live a normal life, until she falls in love with Edward, and later on with Jacob. She is the classy actress behind this role which has sky-rocketed the popularity of the novels, and her popularity as an actress herself. The second installment of the Twilight Saga is coming very soon, and her fame will only be much more felt as the opening night comes close. However, her acting resume does not end in the Twilight movies alone. She has proven in her other projects that she is a versatile actress. For more information about Kristen Stewart – and the making of “The Runaways” movie, all you have to do is read on.

The Reality Show “More to Love”

What will the people of FOX TV think on next? Just this July, they launched the reality show “More to Love”, a program that treads along the genre of the popular dating series “The Bachelor” but with a plump twist. It deals with the quest of a plus-size gentleman in his search for a lady love an equally heavy avoirdupois.

Angelina Jolie Vs Jennifer Aniston

The Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston battle has begun in 2005 when Jennifer Aniston was then married to actor Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie came in to the picture and was later on the domestic partner of the said actor. Though the love affair issue has been well publicized; there are no actual or confirmed facts – only stipulations. The stipulation of the divorce between Aniston and Pitt was due to a blooming love affair between Pitt and Jolie as well as the notion that Aniston did not want to have children when Pitt was eager to have one himself. The issue between the two women and Pitt died down eventually after the divorce of the couple was official and after the new couple received the name “Brangelina”.

Check Out the Best Horror Films of 2009

There are a number of horror films that may be considered as the best ever. Some of these are “Drag Me to Hell,” “The Wolf Man,” “Giallo,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and “25/8.”