Top 5 Women’s DVD Picks

Sometimes it’s fun to just kick back with your girlfriends and watch a good movie. With them, you can watch films that your husband or boyfriend would veto before the first scene was over. Here, in no particular order, are the top five “chick flicks” to rent for your girls’ movie night.

How to Select a Production Service Company to Shoot TV Commercials Overseas

Some production service companies give low bids at the beginning of the process and then they charge for everything. Some service companies apply to foreign clients rates that are higher that the real ones. Very often in remote countries they use different methods but they still achieve excellent results.

Top 5 Inspirational Movies

Five films that will make you feel inspired to be more than you are. Well, at least to make you feel better than before the movie began.

Smashing Through Dancing Stereotypes and Creating Interest in Dance

Recent television shows, such as So You Think You Can Dance! and Dancing with the Stars, have triggered an increase in public interest in the dance world. Viewers were lured in with celebrity dancers & hosts, as well as the enticing chance to vote for the winners.

Donald Trump Rescues Ed McMahon

Like a knight in shining armor, Donald Trump has stepped up to the plate and taken the bull by the horns in order to save one of the world’s most beloved celebrities. Big cuddly teddy bear Ed McMahon, long-time “Tonight Show” second banana, was in danger of losing his home to foreclosure.

Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express Review

I read in the news that people were protesting against Tropic Thunder because its politically incorrect when heard that was the reason that they were protesting I thought why? I saw the movie before people started protesting and I will say it is very offensive but still I have seen worse and those movies have never been called offensive. The movie is very funny I knew I had to go see it in theaters when I first saw the trailer for it I mean how many times do you get to see Robert Downey Jr. in black face. If your going to see this movie you better get to the movies early because they show fake trailers of movies that the actors in the movie star in I was laughing so hard when I saw them. In the movie almost all the actors have personal problems and they deal with their problems while trying to rescue one of their own. One thing I especially like about this movie Tom Cruise who plays a fat bald movie producer his part in the movie had me laughing out loud.

How to Download Movie Rentals Directly to Your TV

With today’s advancements in technology it’s just a matter of time before the internet can completely replace DVD’s as the delivery method of choice for movie rentals. What you might not know is that the ability to download movie rentals on demand is already being offered by some DVD rental companies. In this article, we will talk about who offers these cutting edge services and how you can legally download movies anytime at the click of a mouse using the web.

Netflix Tips – Getting the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix was established in 1997, and they offer the ability to rent DVDs online via the Internet. I initially joined Netflix in 1999. I was not satisfied with the service and canceled my membership three months later.

Hindi Cinema

Hailing as the leading industry in the world, Indian cinema is a multi-crore industry. Hindi cinema has always touched the lives of the people across the world with its realistic yet simple movies always trying to deliver a social message at the end. Want to know more about this great cinema? Do read this article.

Video Production Companies – Lehigh Valley

Video production is a process which is the recording of various videos and using them for commercial purposes like movies, advertisements, music videos, or promotion of a product among the common people. Some of these videos are home made but a majority of these commercial videos are produced by well organized and hugely financed companies.

Video Editing Tools

A few years ago, video editing was only stuck to studios and film production houses and required a lot of money to complete the task. But nowadays, due to the availability of easy to use software, digital video editing has now hit the common people and any person can edit a video with just a few mouse clicks.

Remakes – Hollywood Gets Lazy

Checking my various feeds each day, along with the biggest movie related websites, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain interest in the product of Hollywood. Where once there was a sense of excitement and anticipation when a new project was announced or leaked, be it via internal spies or intentional viral marketing, now there is a sense of dread. I head to the feeds wondering which classic film is next up for the shabby remake treatment.