Batman – The Most Popular Crime Fighter Ever?

Batman is one of the most popular crime fighters of all-time. He was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

The Battlestar Galactica Television Phenomenon

In 1978 we were treated to a dark vision of the Future and the battle between good and evil that is Battlestar Galactica. Originally created by Glen A. Larson and pitched in the 60s, the idea was scoffed at Hollywood executives. Then, in 1978 after the huge success of Star Wars, Glen’s opportunity arose and with the backing of Universal Studios the Battlestar Galactica television pilot was created.

Hot Sexy Indie Star Ellen Page

Another addition to the list of Canada’s pride is the young and talented Ellen Page. Fresh from her success in the Award-winning comedy-drama film Juno, the 21-year-old hot and sexy actress recently received both Golden Globe and Academy Award best actress nominations for her role as Juno MacGuff, a high-schooler who tries to deal with her untimely pregnancy.

A Taste of Hell – 1973

The screen rolls in…a vibrant yellow font appears to you and reads: Philippines 1942. You become unfamiliar with your surroundings as you discover your no longer in America. This low budget WW2 epic depicts a group of Philippine militia warring with the more powerful and violent Japanese army. Your introduced to Barry played by John Garwood who is the platoon leader, and when he fails to give up his post to the Japanese he is shot and rolls into a ditch. Traveling down a hill and into a murky lake, Garwood becomes a victim of his own demise. Disfigured and partially mutilated the platoon leader makes it back to the barrio discovering that in the months of his absence life has gone on without him. After the towns people have faced the hardships of public executions and random slayings, their most beautiful women are held captive as prisoners on the Japanese base. The remainder of the original militia, now led by Barry’s best friend Jack, played by William Smith of Run, Angel, Run and Any Which Way You Can fame, re-group and form a powerful squad that plan on attacking the heavily armed Japanese base.

Two Star-Crossed Lovers With Guns

“Two Star-Crossed Lover’s Take Their Life,” were words written by William Shakespeare. Little did he know that his characters would be doing just that, but this time with guns. When Baz Luhrmann re-made this immortal classic he did so with a fresh new outlook that defined a whole new generation.

Download Latest Films – It’s Never Been This Easy!

I thought I’d share the trials and tribulations of a disappointed movie fan in this article. I used to struggle to rent the newest releases, now I can get them with ease without leaving home!

Universal Studios – The Home Of All Movies

Universal studio was founded by Carl Laemmle, a German Jewish and is the second oldest studio in Hollywood. He realized the potential of the moving pictures and the success of Universal Studio has proved him right. Hollywood has been credited with many successful and memorable movies over the years.

Wars Of The DVD Movies

A DVD, also known as Digital Video Discs or Digital Versatile Discs (the dispute has never been solved and there is no mandate by the DVD Official Forum on what DVD should stand for!) is an optical storage device that can be used for high quality data storage like movies that need to have excellent video and sound quality.

The Animated World Of Wonderful Disney Movies

Even though Disney has produced myriad movies, it is more popular for its animated ones. After starting the animated journey with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the winter of 1937, Disney movies have not looked back.

It’s Not Good Enough Loading DVD to iPod Anymore

Sometimes you just got sit back and marvel at how far we’ve come when it comes to technology. It wasn’t long ago we were boasting about our cassette players or ‘Walkmans’ then came CD players and MD players (what happened to those?). Then came MP3 players, but it didn’t stop there, because now loading DVD to iPod has become another ‘everyday’ thing.

Behind the Famous Face – Matt Damon

Each face reveals its own personality, character, past, destiny. Discover the real personality behind Matt Damon’s face.

A Look Back at Our Favorite 80’s Cartoons

Back in the good ole days’ those of us in our 20’s, 30’s, and maybe even early 40’s enjoyed some great cartoons back in the 80’s. Have you ever wondered where they have gone?