The Proposition

Based on a script by songwriter-musician Nick Cave, ‘The proposition’ is not a movie. It is a piece of anguished lyricism…poetry drenched in crimson blood. Let me make one thing clear at the outset. I have never been a fan of the ‘western’ genre. But ‘The Proposition’ reinvigorates the genre and it gave me a glimpse of what a western is all about.

Ghost World

An old guy in a threadbare suit is always found sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus, which never comes. The staunchly outsider protagonists of this poignant and wryly funny existential comedy are waiting for a bus…to take them to a world they can connect with.

Red Road

One of the themes of this movie is the intimacy of voyeurism. At the same time it is a keen portrayal of a bruised soul…

Close Up

Abbas Kiarostami said once, “We can never get close to the truth except through lying”. In Close-up, an amalgam of a movie and a documentary, the lines between fact and fiction are blurred to such an extent that you never know whether you are watching real footage on the screen or just a re-enactment representing the director’s vision.

Werckmeister Harmonies

This simple story takes place in a small, unnamed European town in the grip of frosty winter. The events taking place over the course of one night and a day, which irrevocably transform the face of the town and the lives of its inhabitants, are seen through the unsullied eyes of the protagonist Janosh (Lars Rudolph). He personifies innocence in this fable of irrational fear, anarchy and disillusionment.

Away From Her

This movie is nothing short of a minor marvel. It deftly captures the essence of its difficult source material.

Robert Bresson – The Art of Showing Nothing

Robert Bresson is French cinema, as Dostoevsky is the Russian novel and Mozart is German music”, Jean-Luc Godard (Robert Bresson, Cinematheque Ontario Monographs, No. 2) This article is not a biography of Robert Bresson nor does it attempt to provide an academic analysis of his style and themes. I haven’t even seen his complete oeuvre.

Gegen Die Wand (Head-On)

Sibel and Cahit meet in a hospital after failed suicide attempts. Cahit drove his car into a wall. Sibel slashed her wrists. They are both Turkish immigrants in Germany, part of the invisible, unwelcome, teeming workforce.

I’m Not There

The opening credits of this hallucinatory vision say: ‘Inspired by the music and many lives of Bob Dylan’. It doesn’t attempt to decipher the enigma of Bob Dylan. Instead it takes us on a elliptical, exhilarating riddle of a journey. It leaves us breathless. It embraces with open arms this icon of a generation and a time, along with all his myths and paradoxes.

Clive Owen – Blood All Over In His New Movie

Closer star Clive Owen strut his way to New York City for the filming of his latest film The International. Some of the scenes were shot at The Guggenheim Museum found at Fifth Avenue of the Big Apple. The said movie is about an Interpol agent that will does his ways to pin down a high-profile institution that is the suspect for corruption and murder.

Ali – Fear Eats the Soul

There is always someone watching…and judging…and you have no choice but to comply…

Review – Atonement

“Atonement” based on Ian McEwan’s novel of the same name is a stunning, beautiful but sad film of love and misunderstanding on the part of a 13yr old girl. At what age does someone know the difference and importance of a right and wrong and how it could change someone else’s life.