Watching The Old Man and the Sea (1958)

Adapted from Ernest Hemmingway’s book of the same name, The Old Man and the Sea, the 1958 movie version has been directed by John Sturges. Although nominated for an Oscar in the category of best color cinematography Sturges dismissed this movie as one his technically worse directions. The plot revolves around the old fisherman Santiago who has had a bad stretch of luck for eighty-four days.

Petro Vlahos – The Real Engineer

Petro Vlahos is a special effect pioneer at Hollywood, which was developed by the process of color-difference by the Council of Motion Picture Research and with the help of his brother Paul Vlahos who in 1976 became the founder of the Ultimate Corporation in Chatsworth located in California. His sole objective was to create a superior matte system for the purpose of travelling for the motion Pictures and he also won himself the most prestigious Oscar for the Technology of the Blue-Screen Compositing in 1964. The Ultimatte units that were used initially were the analog black boxes, which gradually evolved…

Avatar Last Airbender Episodes Never Fail to Surprise

Once the four kingdom of the world lived in harmony. Then came the day when the Fire Nation attacked. Driven by the conquering madness of Fire Lord Ozai, the Fire Nation devastated the land, laying siege to the other kingdoms. The entire world looked to its last hope; the Avatar, master of all elements, to restore balance to the nations and peace to the world. But the Avatar vanished. One hundred years later, two young members of the Water Nation find a frozen figure in a block of ice. Within lies Aang, a young and carefree sprit from the extinct Air Nomad tribe. He is the Avatar, and it is his destiny to save the world.

The Amazing Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes

Among the most popular Avatar The Last Airbender episodes is The Avatar and the Firelord, the sixth episode of the third and final season. This particular episode is loved by many Avatar fans because it talks mostly about the history of the war and how it came about in connection to the friendship between then Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin. Friendship and Betrayal Uncle Iroh and the spirit of Roku made the same revelation to Prince Zuko and Aang respectively.

The Town – Movie Review

This could be one of Ben Affleck’s finest performances to date. Both as an actor and as a director.

David Bowie Movies – It’s Got to Be Labyrinth!

In this article I want to tell you about one on my top David Bowie movies. When I was young, I was so fascinated of watching that movie featured on TV almost every Saturday afternoons (We had no cable TV then). Reruns of course. One thing so distinct about that movie was the grid and that actor who had long hair and looked like a rockstar.

Being Human

Being Human is a British TV series. It tells the story of three twenty somethings who share a house, two guys and a girl. Nothing unusual there, except one guy Mitchell (Aidan Turner) is a Vampire, alright that’s not all that unusual on TV these days, but his mate George (Russell Tovey) is a Werewolf and the girl Annie (Leonora Crichlow) is a Ghost. They try to live their lives as normally as possible by Being Human, but obviously this gets interfered with from time to time, what with all the blood lust and all.

Best 2010 Movies To Watch – Download and Enter The World Of Thrill, Romance and Sensation

Every one of us wishes to spend our leisure time in a way that we don’t get bored. Watching a good movie is no doubt a great time pass, and therefore most of the people love to watch movies of their favorite artists during their free time.

The Quality of Video Creation Company May Perhaps Decide the Fate of Your Advertisement

It all depends upon the grade of movie about just how your advertisement might perform. A squandered campaign is mainly because of the misfit subject matter and demonstration of the video involved.

Samsung SSG-2200AR Rechargeable Adult 3D Glasses – Review

So you clicked here, you must be looking for a pair of 3D glasses. I’m thinking you probably won’t have to look further.

3D TV Buying Guide

3D TV technology is the latest buzz word on the home entertainment scene. Buying a 3D TV can be a daunting task if you have little or no awareness on the subject, just like any other developing technology. All major TV manufacturers are pacing towards developing newer models and 3D TV offerings since the CES 2009 when it was first introduced.

The Classic HD Films Which Will Grab Your Attention

People think they are going to get bored when they watch classic HD films, but such things typically happen when a lack of quality programming is on the menu. No one would watch a Hitchcock film and think it was a snoozer unless it was one of the clunky early pictures. The same goes for Orson Welles. In general, films which are in black and white and made before 1965 can rivet you as much as any Schindler’s List or No Country for Old Men. Check out these 5 on satellite TV.