Kajol – Sizzling Your Screens Part 1

Kajol left school and started her career at the age of seventeen. Her debut film was Bekhudi in 1992. It was not a great success at the box office, but Kajol was noticed and went onto become a successful actress with many box office hits to her credit.

Kajol – Sizzling your Screens Part 2

She also made a successful screen couple with husband Ajay Devgan in movies such as Ishq (1997) and Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha (1998).She got married to co star Ajay Devgan in the year 1999 and is now a proud mother of her daughter, Nysa.

YouTube Extend Advertising into Video Clips

YouTube have announced that they are to introduce advertising links into video clips posted on the website, in an attempt to generate additional advertising revenues.

Tyra Banks – Supermodel to Multi-Media Star

Tyra Banks is a breath of fresh air. While many of her supermodel colleagues have a haughty, diva-like, self-important persona, she is the opposite of those things. Her work with TZONE helps empower young girls, and her reality show, America’s Top Model launches careers. She has genuine talent beyond the runway.

James “Jimmy” Stewart Is My Hero

My favorite actor of all time is Jimmy Stewart. I stumbled upon him in a funny way. My husband (at the time he was my boyfriend) opened the world of Jimmy Stewart for me.

How to Appreciate the Greatness of Bad Movies So You Never Have Problems Choosing a Movie to Rent

Who hasn’t been to the rental store, online or in the flesh, and picked up just about every good movie title and said, “I have seen that one already,” or “That does not look so interesting to me”? We all have. What can you do in those situations?

Comic Books Go To the Movies

Movies based on comic books have become big business for Hollywood, but why has it taken so long for the rest of the world to discover what comic fans have known for decades – that comic books rock!

Flat Screen TV – How Big Is Big?

How do you pick the perfect sized Big Screen TV to fit your home and lifestyle? We’ll list the decisions you need to make before you buy a Flat Screen TV. This report is a must-read if you’re in the market for a Big Screen Plasma, LCD or DLP TV!

No New Michael Myers Mask for Rob Zombie Halloween Fans

Rob Zombie has re-ceated the classic movie “Halloween,” along with a new version of Michael Myers’ mask. Manufacturers have yet to offer the scarred Myers mask. So where can Halloween fans get a new Michael Myers mask?

“Ryan’s Daughter” Is a Love Triangle With Passion, Adultery, Rebellion and a Village Idiot

“Ryan’s Daughter” is a love story that evolves into a love triangle set in the epic splendor of an isolated village on Ireland’s scenic Dingle Peninsula. Like all love triangles, it ends in a disaster that becomes a tragedy. Cinematographer Freddie Young captures the raw beauty of Ireland with its ocean cliffs, green countryside, lazy pastures and hidden forest love nest. He won an Oscar for his filming.

Halloween Costumes Meet Blockbuster Movies

Halloween costume ideas often come from movies and TV. Recent popular characters include Spiderman costumes, Pirates of the Caribbean costumes and Harry Potter costumes. Upcoming movies will bring more attention to a new Michael Myers mask, and to Halloween in general (Trick ‘r Treat.)

“Tipping the Velvet” Is First Alternative Lifestyle Film With an Educational Message – Part 2

Based on Sarah Waters’ acclaimed debut novel, Tipping the Velvet was adapted by Andrew Davies, an Emmy award-winning British screenwriter who has also written “Doctor Zhivago”, “Bridget Jone’s Diary”, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Vanity Fair” and “Pride and Prejudice”. Davies is a very talented heavyweight.