5 Great Foreign Films You Should Really See

Foreign Films offer a great chance to get a small glimpse into the lives of various cultures and people around the world. Here are five really great foreign language films that I would recommend everyone see sometime in their lives.

Exclusive Interview With The Night Shift Director Thomas Smith

Recently, I had the good fortune of stumbling onto a short film that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. While the short was shot on a non-existent budget (I read it was about $200), I saw a very unique vision here. Thomas Smith has a talent for making movies that a lot of us love but have almost given up on seeing anymore.

Is Internet TV for You?

This largely depends on how you define Internet TV. The biggest difference between regular TV and Internet TV is the ability to watch it live. With regular TV you have the choice of watching a program when it first airs (live) or at a later date via a PVR or video-on-demand function. However, with Internet TV you rarely are able to watch a program when it initially airs.

Top TV and Movie Sidekicks of All Time

They add so much but never get nearly as much if any of the glory. Sidekicks don’t necessarily like the term, “sidekick”, but they really know what they are: the person behind the hero. They’re not so much a love interest as usually a friend. Here are the brightest, the best, the coolest sidekicks behind the coolest heroes of all time.

The Legend of Bruce Lee: His Life and Times

The legend of Bruce Lee is one of the more unique tales of Hollywood success. What makes Bruce Lee’s achievements so successful is the fact that he truly did overcome all manner of adversities and obstacles to achieve stardom that was seemingly elusive to him.

SPN: The Man Who Would Be King 6.20

So, basically, Cas tells the boys and Bobby about the war that is going down in heaven and how he and Raphael became enemies. But, and yes there is a great big BUT… Sam and Bobby feel that Cas has been hiding something BIG…

No Problem Movie Review – Loads of Problems

In the past one could have been forgiven for sheepishly enjoying an Anees Bazmi film like No Entry and even Welcome to some extent on the pretext of being a guilty pleasure but there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can redeem the torture called No Problem. Anees Bazmi, who in the past has been credited with writing films such as Aankhen, Shola Aur Shabnam and Deewana Mastana, unapologetically makes a complete hash of No Problem.

Due Date Movie Review – The Due and (Un)Due

As Due Date comes to life on the screen you’d hear people laughing at Zach Galifianakis’ antics and wonder just how many 16 year olds are there in the dark? And before you can even get to a figure in your mind the bearded overgrown teenager and his shenanigans will make you smirk and then laugh in a guarded way before you lose all control every now and then.

Has the X Factor Bubble Burst?

For many talented pop star hopefuls, TV talent shows such as Pop Idol and X Factor are a priceless potential springboard to fame and riches, while for some of the less talented singers they can achieve notoriety from a short, talentless spell in the spotlight. But have talent shows such as The X Factor lost their stranglehold over the Music World?

Film Review – Delhi Belly The Movie

Released on July 1, Delhi belly is an Indian comedy film shot in English with a little Hindi. It is directed by Abhinay Deo, the son of veteran actors Ramesh and Seema Deo. He is a ad-film maker turned director and has shown a great piece of direction in form of “Delhi Belly”.

Samsung’s 3D TV Warnings: Something to Be Taken Seriously

Samsung have posted warnings about 3D TV sets on their website. According to these, prolonged watching of 3D television or wearing the special effects glasses can cause permanent damage to eyes and vision and set off fits in people with family history of diseases like epilepsy or strokes.

The Future of Television

We are now seeing before our eyes how television can make money and how it can make an impact in our society. Read more…