Movies in Littleton, CO – Movie Theater Options for Littleton, Colorado

Movies in Littleton, CO are not a scarcity, in fact there are quite a few options right in the city limits of Littleton as well as other close by Denver metro theaters. If looking specifically for theaters in the Littleton, Colorado area…

American Remakes of Japanese Horror Movies

Since early 2000, American screenwriters and Film directors have captured Horror film fanatics world-wide with scintillating remakes of popular Japanese horror movies. From great cinematography, eerie sound effects that stick long after the film is over, to good choice of cast and well articulated story-lines that appeal to the American audience and beyond, the directors surely deliver master-pieces. With a completely different setting, a somewhat Americanized plot and script in a completely different language, the films still carry the same fascinating concepts and ideas; and it’s these concepts and ideas that have geared these Japanese horror movies to top ranks,…

Classic TV Shows That Will Not Be Forgotten

After a long day there is nothing better than curling up in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and watching your favorite television show. A lot of people call the television the idiot box but I strongly disagree with them. I think that there is a lot that we can learn from watching television.

Movie Reviews – Rare Exports

A Christmas Tale instantly places itself alongside many of the cult Christmas classics such as A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This inventive Finnish production re-imagines the myth of Santa Claus into a dry and morbid, yet cheerfully sublime tale. Young Pietari begins to notice a correlation between American excavators at a nearby mountain and recent st rage events happening around town such as mass reindeer killings and stolen radiators.

A Leap of Faith or Why The Illusionist Is a Better Film Than Toy Story 3

In religion, a revelation is commonly understood as an act of disclosure or communication from a higher, divine force. Depending on its significance and momentousness, it can trigger a change in one’s beliefs or, more simply, a conversion. For a non-believer, however, a revelation can only be ascribed to a deceptive perception leading to a false impression of reality – in other words, to an illusion.

Spokane TV Stations: From Analog to Digital

Spokane TV stations are broadcast companies in Spokane Washington that transmits programs over a television (medium). The most recent technology promotes that broadcast signals will be switched to the new digital signal. There are a number of well-known TV stations in Spokane which is already broadcasting digitally. So it exactly means that they will all switch off the analog signals by next year. When switched to this latest innovation, viewers will discover that stations are able to add auxiliary channels.

Inflatable Screens

A good inflatable film screen is usually an inflatable platform that has an included projection screen. The inflatable screen is recommended for outdoors shows, movie galas, drive-in cinemas, sports activities, community as well as other occasions which will will need outside projection.

Does Disney Have the Formula Right? Can It Be Part of Conscious Prevention?

Last night we watched Toy Story 3 and my wife and I both commented on how much a surprise the ending was and even more so about how sweet it was. I don’t want to ruin it for you but it was such a pure passage of childhood and one you never saw coming in the movie at all. And I admit it.

The Pacific DVD Set – Best Price for The Pacific DVDs Is Now Online

I really think that TV has reached a pinnacle with the Pacific DVD set. I have been totally mesmerized from start to finish and laughed as well as cried along with the three principle characters involved. As a miniseries Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have totally excelled and created an awesome masterpiece.

New Ventures in Making Fun of Bad Movies, and More

Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax are both two very successful ventures into the world of comedy. There are a lot of funny people out there who I think can do the same thing and help provide more comedic gold to the masses.

Jolie and Depp’s The Tourist, a Big Disappointment

It is agreeable that Angelina Jolie and the pack are considered royalties. In fact being in newspapers and tabloids the whole year round seems a bit too much, but then that is how those newspapers and tabloids and magazines sell. No wonder, the family’s latest Parisian vacation with pictures of Jolie wearing her trademark designer diaper bags and the children shopping in a small boutique shops went viral.

Movie Selection Made Easy

Everyday movies are made and released. Some of these movies are good and some of them end up being very appalling. Deciding on what movie you want to watch is no easy task. This guide will help you make this decision with a lot less trouble and confusion.