Film Genres Explained

I love films and movies but until recently I didn’t really know what the different type of genres where so I’ve written the following article to inform anyone else who may be a little confused as to what the main film genres are. I hope the following article helps.

More Than Hollywood

If you find Hollywood movies too commercial, what about the great New York directors? Each of them has his own style, but they have three things in common: their films are deeper and more serious than typical Hollywood productions, they often show the city of New York, and none of the four is a “white Anglo-Saxon” American!

Television and America

Imagine yourself living in a house with no television. You cannot watch your favorite sitcoms, cannot catch the Major League Baseball game you have been waiting for, cannot watch your favorite movies, cannot catch the news, cannot cheer for your favorite contestant of American Idol etc. In short, you can no longer sit on the couch, enjoy a packet of chips and surf channels lazily until you reach that particular channel that keeps you hooked to the TV shows for long.

The Most Watched American TV Shows

Nowadays, a lot of tripe gets passed off as television. These TV shows have no storyline, very bad acting, and lots of goofs. But then again, there are some TV shows that are genuinely good, here we list a few.

Popularity of American Television

Millions of Americans spend something around 6-7 hours a day sitting before the television, flipping through channels, watching their favorite sitcoms, reruns of their other favorite TV shows, cheering for their favorite baseball team, watching the SuperBowl with bated breath, hearing the news intently and even enjoying the advertisements. Some people simply enjoy flipping through the channels, sitting idly on the couch before the television, gazing at the television screen. Television helps people to relax by breaking the monotony of daily life and providing a means to escape into a dreamlike world that exists only in TV shows.

Lost – A Must Watch TV Show

Why, you may ask, is Lost a must-watch. Well, let’s begin by saying that Lost is one of the most brilliant American TV shows ever. It’s one of those TV shows that are filled with action, packed with drama; it’s one of the TV shows that have complex characters and deep emotions, not to mention lots of humor. There’s also quite a lot of suspense and mystery which seals the package tight and makes it well worth the watch!

How Television Portrays The Changing American Society

American TV shows have changed the perception of American society about itself. Social structures and values are changing; so are changing people’s lifestyle, way of talking, family values and outlooks of marriage, parenthood, careers etc. Earlier, TV shows were mostly all family-oriented shows focusing only on parental cares, love and attention towards their children, the conventional old-world family structure in which the father was the breadwinner and the mother stayed at home.

The TV Show Friends Is Still Fresh in Our Memory

If you’ve never watched Friends, then you’ve missed one of the greatest TV shows of all time. This show ran for a successful 10 years, until its last season (Season 10), and then went off air. However, it remains one of the most-watched, widely-appreciated, and most-downloaded TV shows ever to grace the TV screen.

How to Stop Missing Your Favorite Television Shows

It doesn’t matter what time of year, there is always something really good on TV going and I love following my favorite series. However, sometimes working late or just a long day throws off your schedule and guess what? You end up missing an episode of your show and you’re lost! Read our article to find out how to avoid these painful feelings.

Jewellery As Props

Often, costume and prop designers will use jewellery in a production. The jewellery used may include replicas of existing, sometimes historical jewellery, or it may be an original concept.

Dana Delany Stars in Body Of Proof This Fall on ABC

Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) was an incredibly gifted and driven neurosurgeon who was at the top of her class and her game. Her work always came first as she was dedicated to her profession. All of this came to a standstill when she was hurt in a car accident, ending her operating career forever. Now Dr. Hunt needs to get her life back together and find a profession that will keep her interest and passion for work.

Design Your Own Home Cinema System – 10 Steps to Creating the Cinema of Your Dreams

Imagine having your own dedicated home cinema system that you can use every day with your friends and family. This article covers the 10 basic steps which should be incorporated in any good home cinema system design and takes you through them one by one. If you thought that this was something you would never be able to do then it’s time to think again.