Star Trek Scavenger Hunt

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like looking for things, as in scavenger hunts? How about combining both of your increasingly weird obsessions by coming up with an actual Star Trek scavenger hunt?

You Can Easily Buy Movie Tickets on the Web Just Be Sure to Do Some Research Before You Spend Money

You’ll very easily find where to buy movie tickets on the market today – you only have to discover where to search. Have a look on quite a few Internet sites and discover what you will find. Say you decided to do numerous lookups on the world wide web you are going to more than likely be faced with a couple of offers and options that can be good value for the money.

Alias Final Season Disappointments

Now that the Television show Alias has had all its seasons released on DVD, it is a better time then ever to either purchase the show or rent it on Netflix. For a while, Netflix even had Alias available to stream online or through the Xbox 360 which means you do not even have to waste one of your DVD rentals. The show itself is certainly worth renting or purchasing.

Twilight Edward Lifesize Standup – Life of the Party

Even the best of themed parties can go awry if there is a lack of continuity and purpose, and as the host it becomes a huge responsibility to firmly establish your theme. Twilight-themed parties and movie nights have grown in popularity equal to that of the Twilight franchise itself, and if you, your friends, or your children are fans, then the Twilight theme is an easy one that has numerous possibilities.

“Titanic” – Still a Romantic Classic

Here is one of my ongoing series of classic movie rental recommendations. Quite possibly you already have this one on your shelf. Why not get it out and dust it off to watch with your significant other?

Why Online Celebrity Gossip?

Online celebrity gossip sites provide many advantages. Real time celeb gossip updates, more background entertainment stories, better paparazzi coverage make it happen. This article explores more on online celebrity gossip sites.

Is Taxi Driver – With Robert De Niro – One of the Best Movies Ever Made?

This review of “Taxi Driver,” starring Robert De Niro, will hopefully convince you why this movie should be on your “must see” list. It is a stunning study of one man’s slow plunge into insanity.

The Star Wars Stories Need to End

We all know Star Wars is a great film, but George Lucas has milked it to its death. Let’s leave the stories to the books and end any more movies or TV shows.

Edward Lifesize Standup – Perfect Gift For Twilight Fans

Oftentimes it is difficult to know what to get as a gift for your Twilight enthusiast, what with the huge selection of Twilight themed products on the market. When deciding on a gift, the giver should consider several things. First, will the gift be regularly used, or will it quickly lose importance and be discarded. Second, what do you want your gift to communicate to the recipient.

Crazy Heart (4.5 Out of 5)

Real country music (not that silly, poppy, beer for my horses kind of stuff) is a contradiction if you think about it. It is one of the simplest, saddest forms of music there has ever been and yet, in execution, it can be both upbeat and catchy. That’s essentially the driving truth behind Crazy Heart, which is not quite a tragedy but not quite a happily ever after story either.

Perennial Scouring – The Big Flaw in Peter Jackson’s “The Return of the King”

I finally got around to seeing Peter Jackson’s “The Return of the King.” I knew, of course, that Tolkien’s book could never really be translated into the genre of film, and I had been warned about the changes and some of the omissions. So, I found it to be a pretty good movie, though leaning a little too heavily on the special effects for my taste.

Edward Lifesize Standup – What Could You Do With Him?

You’ve heard about it, dreamed about it and now you finally know that it’s real. Everyone has been talking about Twilight. Now you can have him in your home and presence for any occasion.