RICH HILL-A New Film Report

A friend of mine complained that she and others like seeing movies but afterwards hardly talk about them… “Oh, yes,” they might well say: “Pretty good”, “Bad” or “I don’t know”- but conversations don’t ever go much further. I think the cause of their silence is often that a film covers a subject that they have never experienced and therefore suffer a vocabulary-blank. They can’t come up with any words to express any thoughts. And if they don’t know the words, they can’t come up with the thoughts. It is like they are dumb with someone else’s life.

Revenge of the Farce?

A G1 fanboy’s take on the second installment of the Transformers live-action film series. This was written shortly after its release in 2009.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” – Hooked on an Epic Adventure

The tenth film released under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner “Guardians of the Galaxy” introduces audiences to a new aspect of the comic mythos. “Thor” introduced other realms populated by ultra-powerful alien beings, and “The Avengers” pitted Earth’s mightiest heroes against an alien invasion. “Guardians” takes the story out into the far reaches of space, finally giving audiences the chance to see more of these cosmic realms.

Celebrity Bridal Gowns That Floored Us

Female celebrities wow us on the red carpet with their custom gowns. Their wedding dresses go beyond and make us wonder if we are dreaming the dress.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

I may be a bit late to the game (or TV show, as the case may be), but the following few paragraphs highlights my view – as an avid “original trilogy” Star Wars fan – of the TV series called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As a slight recap, I had great expectations of the last Star Wars trilogy, and was disappointed when the movies came out. Each release was slightly better than the last, but overall they had nothing on the original trilogy.

When It Comes to Interracial Couples, TV Sitcoms Have Not Progressed Since “I Love Lucy”

The social message sent through American sitcoms has been clear for more than sixty years, despite the Civil Rights Act, “The Jeffersons” and the election of a black president. Television writers and producers, who are frequently seeking to push the proverbial envelope on social issues, seem to have a long-term fear of making a show starring a black man with a white wife. That fear may have been justified in 2013 when Cheerios aired an ad depicting a black man sitting at the breakfast table with his biracial daughter a white wife.


“Hello Mister Allen: I hope you’ve a moment to spare me– from the next film I am sure you’re working on–to hear from an old fan, who is weary with what you do. Why I would take the time to bother you with you is something I don’t understand, because I know deep down that nothing that I say could have any pull on your heart. Yet allow me to say that I worry for you. Why you should work so very hard– in your rarified age and contumacious role-with no need to care for money– creating such drivel is far beyond my ken

Call the Dentist – Horror-Ible Teeth at The Movies

Scary movies all use different tactics to frighten viewers. Even a dentist might refuse to help the monsters in this list of horror movies featuring terrifying teeth.

Analysis of Indian Film ‘Dev D’ in Relation to Women

Dev D is a modern interpretation of Devdas, the 1917 novel that has been depicted over and over again in Indian cinema. This film, however, is something different and actually treats women and sexuality in a different manner than the previous films. In this article this will be explored.

The Representation of Women and Celebrities in Indian Society and Cinema

Let’s take a concise look at the context of women and sexuality in the Indian society. The view on women in India is one of extreme contradictions. This because even the contemporary image of women in India is largely dedicated to the (in my opinion outdated) religious sources of the Hinduism.

Remembering the Marlon Brando of India

This is a tribute to Sivaji Ganesan – one of the great actors of Indian Cinema. A thinking actor with unbelievable passion for performance.

Brett Ratner’s “Hercules” Brings Refreshing Twist to Old Tale

The story of Greek demigod Hercules has been told many times, but never quite like this. Brett Ratner, director of “Rush Hour” and “X-Men: The Last Stand,” borrows from the late Steve Moore’s comic book series “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” to create “Hercules,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the titular hero. This crowd-pleasing popcorn flick explores who Hercules is – and isn’t – in a fun, action-packed, self-aware epic that comes across as a mixture of “Thor” and “Monty Python.”