I Want to Be a Famous Model

The modeling industry appears lucrative and attractive to many people. The fame and money lures people from different parts of the globe. ‘I want to be a famous model like my icon’ statement is easily said than done.

How to Enroll Your Baby Into Modeling

There are some children that are generally attractive in both behaviors and appearance. Perhaps you have met a friend and even strangers and told you that your baby should be a model. Probably there are chances that the child can really be a model.

How to Be a Model

So you want to be a model? That’s great news but being tall, gorgeous and thin is not enough. There are several things you will have to encounter. Making a living as a fashion model is not a piece of cake. I’m not trying to freak you out, but you will have to start early and be focused.

‘Vampires Suck’ Movie Delivered Pretty Good Laughs

20th Century Fox distributed their spoof/comedy motion picture entitled “Vampires Suck” into theaters a while back. I just watched, and I think overall, it was kind of hilarious. Some of the jokes were lame, so I can see how the top movie critics gave it some pretty poor reviews.

Battle Los Angeles: Popcorn, Candy and Soda Pop Lovers Have to Get Out to View This One!

I can not imagine any flick made today that is more thought provoking, than the just about to be released movie: Battle Los Angeles. In a place where more out of control fights have already been waged, that are most often reported in a single day than even the most reputed Ripley’s would have a very hard to accurately tabulate. I wonder how long the lines will be wrapped around theaters in order for baited breath viewers to finally be able to enter?

9 Entertaining Episodes To Watch From Dora The Explorer Season 5

Dora The Explorer is an animated television series that airs on Nickelodeon since 2000. If you are a Dora fan, here are 9 episodes to enjoy from Dora The Explorer Season 5 which aired between 2008 and 2010.

I Am Numb(er)

You know some films that people warn you about and you still watch them to form your own opinion? This is one of them. Stay away for it’s not worth of forming any opinion. Based on the book by Pittacus Lore, I’m Number Four is about the fourth of the nine special kids who survived the attack on their planet and made it to earth.

Tanu Weds Manu Movie Review

‘I love you and what’s that got to do with you…’ seems to be the mantra that drives Tanu Weds Manu and much like a hidden lover you don’t really care or worry about, hidden intentions make this romantic-comedy a half-baked approach. Manoj Sharma or Manu (R Madhavan) is the true silent types who no one really notices. He can carry on with his quite and rather lonely existence but being a London settled Indian doctor his parents have lined-up a bevy of girls for him to choose and settle down with.

Films on Cricket: Mostly Lack-Lustre Fares

The marriage of two of India’s biggest obsessions–cricket and cinema–hasn’t been the stuff that dreams are made of. In a nation like India where heroes are often film stars or cricketers, one would imagine a few cricket based films every now and then but most of them ended up playing on sticky wickets!

Steve Carell Shined In Dinner For Schmucks Movie

Paramount Films put out a comedy film named “Dinner For Schmucks” into theaters last summer. I recently checked it out, and I’m still laughing over how amusing it was. I’ve haven’t seen Steve Carell be so funny.

Watch Your Favorite 90s Melodramas on Satellite TV

If one thing was true about satellite TV in the 90s, it was that the popular channels were all filled with primetime melodramas centering around families and/or groups of friends in their late teens and early-to-mid 20s. You could have probably filled up your entire week after school or work watching attractive young people, most of whom supposedly lived somewhere in California, dealing with their interpersonal dramas on the old school living room television set.

Lazy Sunday, Watch HD TV in the Late Afternoon

Everyone has been in that same terrible position. It’s one of those days where you don’t want to do anything, where just moving around your own home is a chore. You throw on those sweatpants in the morning and don’t consider a wardrobe change until the sun is setting. Be it a hangover or an unexpected bout of apathy, sometimes all you want to do is relax on the couch. So you crash down on the sofa, pizza and remote in hand. All of a sudden, tragedy strikes. If it’s not dead batteries in the remote (a proverbial mishap for many), it’s probably something even more dire, something like nothing good being on. Or, in a truly end days scenario, the cable might be completely out, downed by a rogue storm. This is, of course, the worst possible outcome of a well thought out plan to do approximately zilch all day. Like the hand of Hades, poor programming has reached up to pluck out your foolproof scheme from under you.