Dean Spanley – The Celebration of Being a Dog

I have taken some time to think about the movie Dean Spanley and how the story was able to evoke such an emotional from me. As a huge dog lover, part of me is forever grateful to the scene in the movie that portrays a beautiful day in the life of two dogs who formed an unlikely friendship.

Reality Show Cry Babies

Why are there so many cry babies now on TV? By “cry babies”, I don’t mean tiny infants who, by nature, can be expected to break down and blubber at the slightest thing; I mean the ever-increasing amount of grown men and women who, so immaturely and ridiculously, burst into tears in all these reality shows.

Here, There, and Everywhere: A Discussion of Hollywood’s Favorite Premiere Locations

In the great American institution known as Hollywood, there is perhaps no event so characteristic as the premiere. Premieres are sometimes referred to as special screenings, and they certainly are special events, as they tend to be known for searchlights, limousines, and big stars pouring across a red carpet to the sound of cheering crowds full of adoring fans, not to mention the cast party to follow. These events have always been rare in relation to the large number of movies that are released every year, but what they lack in frequency they more than make up for in size…

The Top 10 ‘Debut’ TV Series of 2013

Another fabulous year for small screen productions, and we have certainly been treated with a variety of clever and creative plots. It’s never easy to pick a top 10 TV series list, and this year has been no different.

ABC’s Scandal – Art Imitating Life?

A sizzling article that discusses the eerie similarities between ABC television’s Scandal and the current political scandals surrounding the Obama Administration. Is art imitating life?

A Total Electricity Blackout Gets People to Watch the Revolution TV Show

Revolution TV Show has brought back that science fiction genre that we have been missing for sometime. It started on September 17, 2012. There has been a strong following since its debut.

Movie Review: “The Hangover Part III”

Rating: R (pervasive language including sexual references, some violence and drug content, and brief graphic nudity) Length: 100 minutes Release Date: May 23, 2013 Directed by: Todd Phillips Genre: Comedy For anyone who complained that the second “Hangover” flick was a rehash of the first one, and a pale comparison at that, “The Hangover III” will be a welcome change. The movie reunites the original cast and brings back some favorites from the first installment as the gang unwillingly heads back to Las Vegas. It also introduces…

Movies With Dwayne Johnson Dominate the Big Screen in 2013

The Rock is one of the biggest stars on the planet today, and movies with Dwayne Johnson are a permanent fixture on the big screen in 2013. I’m going to suggest, that he is the greatest action hero we’ve ever seen… Sorry Arnold.

On “Tuck Everlasting”: An Existentialist Review

“Tuck Everlasting” is a film that illustrates the difference between “being” and “existing”. “Being” is the act of being present though not necessarily capable of reaching out or relating to other objects, while “existing” means the ability to be in touch with the world or to respond and establish relations with other people or objects. “Tuck Everlasting” illustrated the two concepts in the film, first, for the concept of “being”, Winifred and the Tucks were primarily not in touch with the world. Winifred was a recluse, living in an overprotected household. She had no friends at all to share her life with, just her parents and their staff, being a privileged family.

Top Movie Box Office Earners for May 2013

There was a time when June was thought to be the opening of the summer movie season, when studios would unleash their biggest films for all to see. In recent years, May has unofficially become the start of summer, with high-budget spectacles like “The Avengers” being released in early May 2012. In 2013, that trend continues with several potential blockbusters being unleashed by the studios in May.

Mark of the Devil (1970) Film Review

I first came across the movie Mark of the Devil a couple of years ago when I was reading about it on a message board. I immediately took a liking to it since it is a very graphic film and is a well written put together production.

Despicable Me 2 Movie Information And Review

If you loved it the first time around, the Despicable Me crew is back for a second go-around, and it will entertain like the first. The animated adventure-comedy will not disappoint!