Review On Oldboy 2013

Because the Internet moves with the pace and ferocity of a hornet swarm, there’s a possibility that by the time you read this, Spike Lee’s American remake of “Oldboy” will currently have been bitten to death. If so, too bad. This American version of reserve Chan-Wook’s Korean thriller is Lee’s most stimulating movie since “Inside Man”-not a masterpiece by any extend, but a alert financial genre image with a hypnotic, obsessive value, and an utter indifference to being liked, much less accepted of.

Film Review: The Legend of Hercules

It may be too very simple to discount this January release merely by the titles on the marquee, because Renny Harlin’s filmography as a director is spotty at best and Kellan Lutz hasn’t actually verified himself as an actor, let alone as an activity celebrity. Let’s just state there arrives a lot of prejudgments on the idea of the two of them bringing the article of the Mythological champion to the computer display after so many other ones have tried, which brings fears that they’d do a poorer job than those previous attempts. Thankfully, the video doesn’t completely stink and…

The Evolution of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty has come far since its inception. Check out how a fictional character can achieve worldwide recognition from very humble beginnings.


What a great film this was! It is a funny thing- (and I’m amazed by it myself) that a film about a guy who defrauds people, gets his workers all excited to follow him as if he were the Pied Piper, and has hook-ups and cocaine feasts whenever he needs to, can be enchanting and mesmerizing to this viewer. It all comes down to how well one actor and his co-actors can pull the scheme off. And “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET” pulls it off brilliantly.

Saving Mr Banks – Saving the Audience

Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks portrays its main characters – Walt Disney and Pamela Travers – inaccurately at best. In this article, I examine whether the film’s sugarcoating is wrong, and whether it hurts the film’s story.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s Chemistry Is Palpable

The important thing about a romance is the chemistry that the lead actors share. And when you consider a racy and erotic novel like the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, the chemistry between the lead actors Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele became all the more palpable when the pictures of the shoot started emerging.

Movie Review: Saving Mr Banks

Generations of moviegoers have watched Mary Poppins and her famous umbrella soar across the sky, but few viewers are aware of just how much effort it took to bring the literary character to the big screen. “Saving Mr. Banks” remedies that by telling the backstory of the famous movie about a nanny who has magical abilities and a soft spot for children.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” – A New Film Report

Most of us have grown up with the idea that a story starts, goes its full length, and then ends with clear-cut resolution. We come away from the story, surely knowing just what the tale was all about. We expect to get a sense that either good prevails, or bad cannot be stopped. The effect of common stories is to make us feel that the world has true meaning that stands us in pretty good stead.

The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan – Review

Amy Tan once notified an interviewer that after the runaway success of her first innovative, The Joy Luck Club, she made an effort to get away from the topic of Chinese-American mother-daughter relationships. On the evidence of her new novel, the try didn’t last. The publication has not just one awkward mother-daughter understanding, but three, each one marked by her other recurring topics: Chinese-American identity; the Chinese domination of women; abandonment and the seek for love.

Annoying Horror Movie Cliches

If you’re an ardent horror movie fan, you’ve probably encountered them from time to time. I am talking about those annoying horror cliches, which always seem to destroy the credibility of a film by virtue of their ridiculous, unrealistic scenarios.

“47 Ronin” Tells Ancient Japanese Tale With Visual Aplomb

In ancient Japanese culture, the “ronin” were former samurai who no longer had a master to lead them. “47 Ronin” tells the tale of a group of these men forced to leave the vaunted samurais after their master Lord Asano (Min Tanaka) was killed through the trickery of warlord Kira (Tadanobu Asano). Lord Asano has a daughter, Mika (Ko Shibasaki), who Kira takes a liking to.

“AMERICAN HUSTLE” – A New Film Report

After two hours and nine minutes of this film, I’m reminded of a joke where some fellow goes to his rabbi, and says, “Rabbi! I think my wife is trying to poison me! What should I do?” After talking it over at length, this rabbi says that he’ll call the man’s wife and seek to find out just what’s on her mind.