The Hottest Onscreen Duo of the Summer

Summer is when everything heats up-the weather, the box office, and the screens inside the mercifully air-conditioned movie theaters. The screens get steamy due to an influx of summer movie duos, some of whom are romantic, and some of whom can be best described as bromantic. It isn’t easy to comb through a very large amount of summer movies, but these four romances really stood out.

Alicia Silverstone: From “Clueless” to “Batgirl”

When Alicia Silverstone was born, her Scottish-English parents knew she would become a star. Her mother was a flight attendant and her father a well-known English real estate agent. Although Silverstone’s family wasn’t particularly artistically inclined, she began to show signs of giftedness early in her childhood.

A Look Back At Joss Whedon’s Firefly

It’s been 11 years since Firefly was cancelled, leaving its rabid fan base pining for more. I was late to party in discovering Firefly and now I finally understand their grief.

DeNiro and Pfeiffer Wow in “The Family”

“The Family” made its theater debut on September 13, 2013, much to the delight of DeNiro fans everywhere. DeNiro plays the role of an ex-mobster, showcasing the bad-guy persona viewers have come to know and love, but this is far from your typical gangster movie. Director Luc Besson crafted a film that tickles audiences with the sheer amorality of it all and the family’s complete oblivion to how “normal” families generally act.

“SALINGER” – A New Film Report

I have never dissed a review after I’ve written one. But overnight I must have realized I tried to kill this film and in doing so demeaned Salinger in the process. I am sorry–for disserving him so. It is not his problem that Salerno, the producer and director of this film, tries to capture a man who was not interested in being captured by anybody at all.

Downton Abbey: The First Three Seasons

Thank goodness for PBS! They are responsible for showing so many good programs. My latest discovery is a British period piece called Downton Abbey. I wasn’t sure if this was worth the investment of purchasing or if I should just rent it or even wait and see if I could catch an episode every now and then but after completing the first chapter, I feverishly had to watch the next and the next and the next until my entire Sunday was consumed by the first season, then I was on to the second season and finally the third. If you’re in the mood for drama with a side of malice and mystery then you’ve got to check this out!

A Romantic Drama, Audiences Will “Adore”

“Adore” stars Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as Lil and Roz, two wealthy middle-aged socialites who never quite came to terms with growing up. Their two sons, Ian and Tom, have recently become adults and developed a friendship every bit as strong as the one their mothers share. When the foursome decides to take a vacation on their Australian island paradise, what was planned as a lazy summer quickly turns into a controversy that will change the rest of their lives.

Coronation Street: Is Karl Really Evil or Just a Desperate Addict?

With Karl Munro’s confession that he destroyed one of the most iconic pubs in Britain and killed two people in the process last week on the street, we ask the question is Karl really evil or just a desperate addict? Of course there’s no getting away from the fact Karl killed two people as a result of setting fire to the Rovers Return but is the man evil? We think that’s a question up for debate, but one thing can be said for sure, Karl’s an addict.

The Return of Downton Abbey

The long awaited new series of Downton Abbey will soon be here. It’s been a long nine months since it has been on our screens but Downton Abbey will be making a welcome return. Kicking off six months after Matthew died in a road accident, the ever-popular series has now been thrust right into the roaring twenties and the jazz age has really swept the Crawley family.

Some of the Most Misunderstood Films of All Time

Compared to painting, sculpture, or music, movies are an extremely young artistic medium. The unique implications of a moving camera compared to a live performance are so vast that it has taken many years for film to fully develop as an artistic medium. It’s natural, therefore, that filmmakers should have experimented with a wide variety of different forms and narrative techniques.

Thanks for Sharing – Movie Review

Sex addiction seems to be Hollywood’s newest obsession with the dramatic comedy “Thanks for Sharing,” the drama “Shame,” the comedy “Don Jon,” and television’s “Californication.” Although writer-director Stuart Blumberg surely had good intentions for his film “Thanks for Sharing,” its focus is too broad to satisfy most movie goers. Perhaps that’s the secret of success for those other productions about sex addiction: a narrowed focus on one person and one addiction.

Biography for Xavier Samuel

Xavier Samuel is an Australian actor who was born in Hamilton, Victoria, although he grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. Xavier’s parents are Clifford and Maree Samuel. He has an older sister named Bridget and a younger brother named Benedict.