Hollywood Cinema: Whats Happening to the Dream Factory?

Fame, money, celebrity, stardom: the price of mediocrity. Taybul’s film and literature editor sums up the Oscars.

Eight Box Office Films From January That Are Worth the Watch

Just because a film gains big strides on opening weekend or smashes box office competitors after running for a few weekends doesn’t mean that it is a great movie choice for everyone. Almost everyone has sat down to a popular movie only to wonder what everyone was thinking. Dozens of movies played in theaters throughout the month of January 2013, and here is a look at eight top films that may be worth watching.

“Escape From Planet Earth”: Fun for Kids and Adults

Family comedies often focus so much on entertaining kids that the films forget about the adult viewers. “Escape from Planet Earth” provides enough laughs that kids and their parents will enjoy the film. Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser, “The Mummy”) is an astronaut loved by people of all ages.

Review: Dead Man Down

At nearly 2 hours, Dead Man Down is a mixture of excruciatingly slow, cut-worthy scenes and throw-away moments which unfortunately can’t be saved by its enticing premise and roughly 10 minutes of decent action. Luckily, this film won’t make much at the box office and shouldn’t be too big of a blight on the careers of this talented cast.

Movie Reviews – Homeland Season 1

Movie Reviews this week looks at the fascinating terrorist thriller, Homeland Season One starring the gorgeous Claire Danes (forever immortalised as Juliet opposite Leonard DiCaprio’s Romeo) as Carrie Mathison, a CIA analyst for Homeland Security following the aftermath of 9/11.This differs from many crime thrillers, in that our protagonist is not quite as well adjusted as we are used to seeing, notably being that Carrie is bipolar, something she has hidden from her superiors at Homeland Security, the main reason being she would lose her security clearance, and the trust of all who have heeded her suggestions over the years, notably Saul Berenson, played magnificently as a father figure by Mandy Patinkin (something about him is extremely familiar but I can’t seem to pinpoint where I saw him).

The Prehistory of Monty Python

The two shows of At Last The 1948 Show and Do Not Adjust the Set combined to make Monty Python. But other influences created the show?

The Cast of “Beautiful Creatures”

Since the “Twilight” craze’s inception, there has been no shortage of films entering an unofficial competition to replace what easily became one of the most successful film franchises of all time. One of the films seriously vying to take on that role is “Beautiful Creatures.” Like “Twilight,” the film is based on a popular young-adult novel.

Biography of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is certainly making his mark in the entertainment industry. Since making his television debut, appearing opposite Sarah Jessica Parker on the popular HBO series “Sex and the City,” this ruggedly handsome and extremely talented actor transitioned into making movies and has become one of Hollywood’s leading men. With a “Best Actor” Oscar nomination now under his belt, Cooper has proven to the world he deserves all the recognition and praise he’s been given for his acting ability.

MacArthur and Space Aliens: The Film ‘Emperor’ Does Not Tell The Most Interesting Story Of All

On March 8, 2013 the film ‘Emperor’ will hit U.S. Theaters. It appears to be a fascinating look into the time that General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander Of The Allied and Occupation Forces in the South Pacific basically ran the nation of Japan just after the end of World War Two. The story centers around a controversial topic that many still argue about today: Whether or not Emperor Hirohito should have been tried as a War Criminal. However, as fascinating as this story surrounding the always intriguing life of the famous U.S. Five Star General is, it does not even begin to compare to another story which involves him that has never really been told.

Movie Review – Matthew Fox Stars in Long-Winded Emperor

This historical drama focuses on the personal and professional struggles of General Bonner Fellers following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II. “Emperor” is inspired by true events, and looks at how Fellers (Matthew Fox) investigates Emperor Hirohito, who is exalted by his people, but suspected of heinous crimes against America.

America Was A Funny Place, Until It Got Nicer

Sitcoms chipped away at our concept of “otherness” until we realized that we are not very different after all. In the course of entertaining us, they changed us, or at least they made it easier for us to change ourselves.

Actors Can Sing, Too: Famous Celebrities Who Have Sung in Movies and Musicals

Actors and actresses who can sing are a double threat to the industry since they can actually play most roles in movies or musicals without batting an eyelash. In some cases, actors and actresses have a background in music, and others have discovered their singing ability after Hollywood made them into superstars. Gerard Butler is one of the most stunning cases of an actor, who didn’t know he could sing, playing an iconic musical role.