What Makes Movies A Member Of The Top Ten DVD Rentals List?

We all like watching movies. I am sure that no one would disagree to this fact. As a matter of fact, we all like watching movies but only those that are really good. The best way to enjoy a movie at home is to get a DVD rented. The quality of a DVD movie is unmatchable.

Top Ten All Time Favorite Good Movies To Watch

Whether you are looking forward for good movies to rent, or you wish to download the torrents of your favorite movies; you should always make the right choice. Here we bring for you the list of all time favorite top ten movies that would really make your time remarkable

Top DVD Rentals – Find Good Movies To Watch

I am sure that every one of us likes watching movies or can say likes watching good movies. Good movies are the best way to relax. Movies have the power to take you from the real world to a very good imaginary world.

Best Action Films Of The 80’s And 90’s

The short history of Hollywood hasn’t always had a place for films like these until the 1980s. In the 80’s and 90’s the best action movies were launched and set the stage for all of those to follow. Action films are a staple at any cinema you can go to today anywhere in the world.

Lethal Weapon Movies In Retrospective

If you are looking back over the best action films of all time, the Lethal Weapon movies should always be near the top of any list. The first Lethal Weapon took the buddy cop film and added drama, violence, dark themes, and also unexpected comedy to take the world by storm. The film eventually became a highly successful franchise throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

What Makes The Best Action Films Box Office Gold?

The main concern to any studio is the bottom line profit earned each year, some of the best action films can win the hearts of both audiences and critics alike. If there is one sure bet in Hollywood for the ability to print money, it’s a big budget testosterone filled action film. So what are the necessary ingredients to make an action film both a critical and a financial success.

The Matrix Trilogy From Groundbreaking To Madness

The best action films usually lead to sequels. Whether you are talking about Die Hard, Terminator, or the Lethal Weapon movies, when something works studios usually want to repeat the success as many times as possible.

Watching The Thief of Baghdad (1940)

Filled with imagination, vigor and brilliant effects The Thief of Baghdad, the1940 version is one of the greatest tributes to Arabian Nights. The directorial credits go to Michael Powell, Tim Whelan and Ludwig Berger. The production of the movie started in England however due to the break of Second World War work shifted to California.

Chroma Key – The Magic of Editing

Chroma Key is a certain technique of editing, where 2 images are composed together, so as to create 1 single, complete image. This modus operandi could sometimes be referred to as a green or blue screen, also referred to as the backdrop that is used to film a certain subject of the image that would be subjected to the Chroma Key process. This technique has been used in both, television, and film, so as to create a wide array of special effects, and thus, the basic concept of the Chroma Key is quite familiar with the film fans.

Wonder Boy Wizard – Harry Potter

Introduction: The series of Harry Potter takes us to the make- believe world where super humane with magical power fights against its dark opposition. It is a series of back- to – back seven fantasy novels written by British author JK Rowling. It is all about the adventures of teen age Harry Potter, his best friend Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger.

Richard Edlund – The Wizard

Richard Edlund, A.S.C. who was born on December 6th, 1940, is a multi Academy Award winning US special effects cinematographer. Edlund was born in Fargo, North Dakota. He joined the Navy at a very young age. Here, he developed a keen interest in experimental filmmaking.

Special Effects – Way to Our Make Believe World

Special effects are generally classified into two groups – optical effects and mechanical effects. Now after lot of technical growth in digital film making we can differentiate between visual effects and special effects. Visual effects are generally related with post production and special effects are in camera effects and mechanical effects that created on the sets.