Nayanthara – The Raising of a Star

Nayanthara’s real name is Diana Mariam Kurian. She was born to an Indian Air force officer from Kerala, India on November 18, 1984.

Interview – Kyle MacLachlan

Actor Kyle MacLachlan: Sometimes people ask me, “What’s role do you want to do next?” On film it’s so difficult because every script that comes to you has got a completely different set of circumstances. On stage, I can say, “Yeah, someday I’d like to do Cyrano,” you know. Or Mercutio. There are roles that are set there that I’d really love to do. But on film it comes down to something that’s a wonderful story about people. With some good writing, relationships that are multi-layered, and characters that are interesting and develop from A to Z. And that can be set anywhere. It comes down to that type of thing as opposed to a certain character that I want to step into.

Interview – Paul Aaron

After years of small theater productions and television Movies-of-the-Week, director Paul Aaron has finally made his step up to the big leagues. With Maxie – a light romantic romp about the ghost of a 1920s flapper who invades the body of a demure secretary – Aaron has in part fulfilled his lifelong dream of returning to the Golden Age of Hollywood moviemaking.

All About the Hannah Montana TV Shows

Disney’s Hannah Montana TV series has become a massive success worldwide. One of the main reasons is that it depicts every teenage girls dream – fame, fortune, a normal life and performing on stage.

History Lessons Via TV – There is Much We Can Learn on Television

TV sometimes gets a bit of negative press for its relaxing effects on viewers. Sometimes we hear people talking about “zoning out” in front of the television and parents are warned about the mind-numbing effects that too much TV-viewing could have on their children. But let’s give TV the recognition it deserves and heed the very positive impact it can have on our minds!

A Comparison Between Old Film Posters and the Present Film Posters

What draws you to a film theater? The Stars, the hype (created by media) or the film itself, or may be an illustration or a preview image of the film, which grabs your eyeballs at first and that instigate you to decide whether or not to watch the film.

Interview – Louis Gossett, Jr

When Louis Gossett, Jr. was a struggling student at NYU, he had little notion of what life had in store for him. Balancing pre-med classes, drama studies, and basketball, he excelled in each. When the New York Knicks invited the 6’4″ Gossett to their training camp in 1958, it quickly became decision time for the young athlete. He made the Knicks’ squad, but turned his back on professional basketball. He turned, instead, to drama.

5 Great 1980s Movies

The 1980s were an absolutely great decade for the box office. There were so many hits, and so many great cult films, and you’ve probably heard about many of them. Anyway, with a younger generation growing up, it’s occurred to me that many of these great films haven’t been seen by people under the age of 23, and many of them should definitely be seen.

Extreme Home Makeover Goes Green

There is a focus on reduce, reuse and recycle as well as energy efficiency and smarter home builds. I’ve always liked the show.

Interview – Robert Harmon and Eric Red

Breaking into Hollywood is seldom easy. It takes talent, persistence, determination, and lots of luck. Director Robert Harmon and screenwriter Eric Red have managed to put together all of the above in creating The Hitcher, a new thriller starring C. Thomas Howell, Rutger Hauer, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The project began with an eventful cross-country trip from New York city to Los Angeles.

Cornwall Film Festival

For all of you film lovers out there you might want to make a note of the following in your diary. The 13th to the 15th of November in Cornwall will see the 8th Cornish film festival. The events offer a whole host of films to be screened thought out the festival and this is your chance to see a few of the films that you may have missed in the past.

Lure of the Film Industry

The glamour, glitz, fancy parties, and near hero worship in the eyes of the fans looking into your eyes with unadorned adoration is all a part of the lure of the film industry. It is like a siren call to those of us who crave fame.